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Thread: Ultima Underworld Letter

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    Ultima Underworld Letter

    Hello there fellow UU fans. I had a question that I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to. At the start of the game you find a touching letter from a Sandra to her beloved Alfred about surviving the Abyss and how she will wait for him. I don't think this had anything to do with a quest in the game. Was it just to add a bit of atmosphere or is there a story behind it?


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    I think its just flavor text, I got to the final level of that game and never found a mention of it, although that doesnt mean much, cos that game had so much hidden content in it. So yeh, not sure, google search reveals nothing.

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    It was pretty much a LGS staple to flesh out the background story and immerse the player in the world through readable items spread out strategically throughout the levels in their games, so I don't think that it holds any significance beyond that.

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