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Thread: Let's play Deus Ex mods!

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    Thanks for letting me know! Changed the url

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZylonBane View Post
    This is the sound of you not disagreeing with me.
    This is the sound of you picking a very specific part of DDL's post to respond to, entirely ignoring the rest of it, which is a really good argument against what you said before.

    Nice dodging there

    Now let's compare two methods of the tabula rasa protagonist.

    In Neverwinter Nights, you rarely have less than 5 options per dialogue node. As your character has no pre-defined personality, this leaves you quite a lot of room to form one for yourself.

    In Deus Ex, you rarely even get a dialogue option, generally you only get one when your choice will directly impact gameplay (such as for purchases). As your character doesn't have much in the way of a personality, this leaves you with a blank, uninteresting avatar but also without much room to form one yourself.

    In other words, not much room for self-expression.

    Furthermore: What DDL said (the part you dodged).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonas Wver View Post
    This is the sound of you picking a very specific part of DDL's post to respond to, entirely ignoring the rest of it, which is a really good argument against what you said before.
    No, it's me not giving sufficient shit to pursue the argument. I said the characters are unlikeable, and he used that quote to try to make a mangled incoherent jab at me, but nowhere in the rest of his post did he disagree with it.

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    Also, the world is made almost entirely of sunshine and lollipops.

    Anyway, Deus Ex mods: Yay!

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    the malkevian mod is most excellent. I must play all the mods listed on this page

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    SDK & tutorial link no longer works.

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    Out of every mod I've played here, I have to say that my favorites are ZODIAC and Burden of 80 Proof. ZODIAC follows up the Deus Ex storyline with excellent writing, great level design, and fun gameplay. Burden of 80 Proof has some great comedy writing and voice acting.

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    Have you guys heard of Nihilium? (think that's spelt right)

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    I can't get ZODIAC to work. Every time I play it, I see the Tackware logo and then ZODIAC logo, but starting a new game I see Deus Ex intro and then Liberty Island. I haven't found out what's wrong, my Deus Ex is latest version, I'm clicking the ZODIAC icon to play the game and all that.

    EDIT: Nevermind. I just had to start the mod via the Start menu.
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    My favorites are Zodiac and Nameless Mod!

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    this might be out of topic, still... im replaying deus ex invisible war on a video card ati raedon 4800 hd series, although the game seems to crash sometimes during loadings, is theres some unknow patch or fix for this problem that im facing?

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    Deus Ex Lets Play Series NEW!! HDTP, New Vision

    So having played Deus Ex at least ten times I wanted to do something new for my next playthrough so i am making a lets play series, the first episode is out now.

    For something new im also running HDTP and New Vision mods so the game looks better than ever.

    Im playing on realistic with no kills so its a very tense and difficult way to play the game.

    I would love for people to watch, rate and comment (negative comments welcome) on the video below.

    Thanks, Bogulez
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