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Thread: T2 Multiplayer Beta Released

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    Not sure why you have thief 2 on your desktop.. that's an odd place for it, no offense. Just humor me please and try putting your installation somewhere else like c:\games\thief2. That's where I have mine. Also, this may sound dumb (maybe it is), but perhaps those paths are a little too long and thief is having trouble with them?

    You could reduce your paths so they use the similar style to your .\RES line. So if I'm understanding you right, you already tried .\RES+.\ddfix\ or somesuch?
    You sound like you know about as much if not more about this stuff than me so it looks like I can't be of much help... Sorry
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    Reducing the length of the paths and trying a different location both sound like good ideas to try, and I admit I haven't tried either yet. I will do so and report back. Thank you for the recommendation.

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    No problem - it's worth a try I think.

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    Apparently I forgot to post here after trying it, sorry. I tried it out, no dice.

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    There's really nothing more I can do for you, sorry. The only other suggestion I can think of is reinstall the game to a smaller directory, which you may have already done (unless you just copied or moved the directory from your desktop.) I think at this point you should just play the vanilla game and be happy with that if it runs, or you can maybe find someone else to continue the troubleshooting with.

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    Thanks, Sneaksie. I'll just have to deal with regular textures when I play multiplayer. Not such a bad fate, really, just annoying. Thanks for replying.

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    You're welcome. Sorry I couldn't be of much use.

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    I've taken advantage of the Steam sale that had Thief 2 on it. It comes included with a number of addons, including the DDFix. I've installed the MP files, and I can see them in the root directory, but the MP window will not load whatsoever. I run the thief2 exe, the thief2_no_ddfix, and nothing.

    I've checked and double checked to make sure I have this installed correctly. The game runs just fine, and the MP files are there in the folder, but the MP window never loads. What gives?

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    Did you press Alt+Tab while you started Thief 2 and found yourself in the main menu?

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    why server browser rejecting my connection ? i'm on latest 218 build

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    I'm getting that too. Perhaps the global server is down, or there is a new version. (Message said to check for new version.)


    I just thought of something, what if you put ".\RES+.\RES\ddfix\ntex" or ".\RES+.\RES\ddfix" ?

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    so,there is any activity these days ?

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    Use DierctIP for the connection. That works.

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    but where to connect ? is there any list of alive servers ?

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    No. The only thing what you can do is to call your friends and sharing the IP of the server.

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    I must ask: How does 1.19 impact the project now?

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    I've wondered that myself. I think it's safe to say that the project has been canned, no significant news as of late... I'll try to ping Tos and see if I can get a response from him. That said, in terms of running v1.19 with the MP patch, I've no idea since I haven't tested it.

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    Even if it's not getting maintained, it's still in good working condition as it is.
    I'm curious to see if it's compatible with 1.19 as well.

    Edit: Well of course the first issue is that MP and 1.19 each have their own executable. So I guess if we wanted 1.19 MP, Tos would have to at least integrate the 1.19 stuff into his executable, or at least make it compatible, right?
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    Hmm, so yeah it's not going to work unless it is possible to use the old exe with the new 1.19 install of the game. In the meanwhile, those of us that still want to use the MP patch will need to keep a separate install of thief 2. At least there's ddfix which works with the MP patch.

    Yep, that was wishful thinking. Tried the old MP patch exe which made thief into a window and clicking on stuff in the options menu caused the game to crash.
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    Well with that said: How hard could it be to make the T2 MP patch compatible? I mean, it seems that the fixes to the dark engine have mostly centred around graphics rendering and audio/media playback. With a few ingame modifications it seems.

    Possibly it would work. But that would require someone who knows all the stuff behind this already, like Tos. Whom I'm hoping is still around, as well.

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    Tos hasn't gotten on AIM in quite a while and I don't see him much on Steam. I sent him a message through his Steam profile, hopefully he'll see it next time he's online. I'm afraid my knowledge in programming isn't good enough to really know what to do or I'd look into it myself. I don't know what he's done to thief2.exe to make the patch work.

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    Yeah I'm crossing my fingers it wouldn't actually be very much work, and Tos could be tempted to do just enough to get it compatible. Coop is one of the most fun ways to play some OMs & FMs.

    Edit: I wish there were a way to send a message to the 1.19 guy(s) too. Maybe, in the other direction, they could be tempted to integrate Tos's work in a future update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by demagogue View Post
    Edit: I wish there were a way to send a message to the 1.19 guy(s) too. Maybe, in the other direction, they could be tempted to integrate Tos's work in a future update.
    Well why not word that bluntly:

    "Gee, I wish someone could integrate the code for the T2 MP project into the next possible patch release."

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    I just beat you to the punch.

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    Hey guys, I spoke with Tos last night and asked him about the patch. He said he'd see about fixing it for 1.19 but he said he had no idea when he'd get to it. Not his exact words, but I don't recall his exact words, so that will have to do. So, looks like he hasn't canned it after all.

    Also, demagogue, I saw your post in that other thread. Well, they'd need Tos' source code if they wanted to implement his stuff into the new exe unless they rewrite mp from scratch I guess. I asked him about the exe, and he said in order to patch they need his source code and reroute the memory addresses for the new exe, or something like that.

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