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Thread: 2009 Greatest FM Timeline Poll

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    2009 Greatest FM Timeline Poll

    Since all I have any more is this forums number of hits to judge FM's I thought I would post what I have got and get a consensus of how people feel about those numbers.

    Simply look this over and if you feel that a mission listed below deserved to be in the top 15 list it and give it a score between 1-10
    Same if you see a mission that you think doesn't deserve to be in the top 15.

    Rose Cottage 822
    Seven Shades of Mercury 565
    Disorientation 411
    Eclipsed 371
    Ultima Ratio 304
    Unholy Vivid Innocence 300
    Tales from the Cleft: Vandal 292
    Dance with the Dead 281
    Whispers in the Desert 277
    Sun Within and the Sun Without 263
    Vagabond 230
    Wicked Relics 210
    Five Tigers: Claw of the Tiger 167
    Five Tigers: Eye of the Tiger 179
    Five Tigers: Iron Butterfly 78

    Note: Five tigers replaced Rust Belt in an attempt to keep the series together.

    Next 15

    Rust Belt Prison 187
    Garrett's young years 171
    Amoral Dilemma 158
    Wicked Webs We Weave 150
    Keeper Investigations (Series) 134
    Hunting Treasure 127
    In dubio pro Garrett 108
    Golden Project - First City College 107
    Third Time's the Charm 106
    Night before Christmas 106
    Lost Castle 105
    Bonds of Mine 100
    BoP 2: The Hidden City 99
    Acid Trip 96
    Tribal Breeze 95

    The Rest:

    His Own Medicine 89
    Melancholy In Porto 81
    When Angels Refuse to Die 80
    Garrett's Young Years II 77
    DarkStone Mine 72
    Strife 4 71
    Lady Mossy 70
    Oh, L'Amour 60
    4th Planet 59
    Crypt of St. Lucian 55
    DarkWood 51
    Theft in High Towne 50
    Mine Affairs 49
    Harlequin 42
    Midday Escape 41
    Christmas present 39
    Ice Base 1 37
    Midday Eclipse 34
    Flip A Coin 31
    To Send a Message 30
    Cold Feet 25
    Walkin' on Mars 19
    Requiem for a Thief 17
    On the Way to the League of Grim Thieves 1
    Niggsters erste FM -----
    Carkess Revenge ----

    City Conflict 1 33
    City Conflict 2 28
    City Conflict 3 31
    City Conflict 4 32
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    Actually this seems to be a pretty accurate list IMO.
    I can't think of one I'd switch around.
    One note though, Midday Escape and Requium for a Thief are older releases (maybe the dates are for re-releases of a higher version).

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    I don't think I updated Requiem for a Thief after the initial release. It definitely was released in 2005 though (Beauty Contest).

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    I just go with the dates given to me on and keepofmetalandgold. Don't know if they are release dates or dates when they are posted or what. I simply take a FM and if its shows itself listed on multiple years, it gets multiple chances to win. Attempting to find the exact release date was just a little more work than what I wanted to deal with.

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    Realized I only had 14 FM's and not 15, whoops... Anyway thanks to the responses from my 2010 poll thread the Sun Within and the Sun Without FM now has a forum hit score. and places it in the top 15 list.

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    Nice list, LordEtern.

    Unfortunately there are too many FMs here that I haven't played/finished yet, so I can't contribute to this. A good idea though .

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