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Thread: We Are Entering A New Dark Age

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    Political donations = free speech (not corruption).

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    Just got spammed this by some journal I must have subbed to a while ago. This is a pretty excellent example of how to NEVER EVER do science outreach: Get a painfully white canadian to rap about it:

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    Jesus christ. They actually made something called the "Rap guide to evolution"???
    Grant proposal: The above named authors propose to utilise a novel method of communication (ca. 1990, see Hammer MC et al [23] for a more comprehensive review) to deliver scientific information in a format compatible with enhanced public engagement....
    I mean, fuck: the money for that had to come from somewhere. Also, someone had to actually design that website without at any point stopping and thinking "what the fuck am I doing?"

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    Holy crap, did you guys actually manage to take a witty pun on Civilization's gameplay mechanic and turn it into a sound political argument?

    TTLG, you are the reason I wake up in the morning

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    Quote Originally Posted by demagogue View Post
    If there's a problem, it's that not enough people take advantage of how critical they're allowed to be against the gov't and how much they can push back.

    These days that tends to result in this:

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