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Thread: This is a new one: "Timeout waiting for worker thread to close. Probable deadlock!"

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    This is a new one: "Timeout waiting for worker thread to close. Probable deadlock!"

    It was caused by using mesh attach to stick two objects on on AI. The two object numbers referred to archetypes (with concrete instances in the world), and they were both on the same joint number. It's one of those things that should work but doesn't.

    I'd only got the error once. The first few times the game would just freeze, like in the days when dual cores started appearing and we didn't know what was happening.

    I got the archetype idea from DedX, since concrete object IDs can change. Now I've reverted back to referencing concrete objects. The problem seemed to have a side effect of making the AI have trouble patrolling. Switching back to concrete mesh attachments wasn't enough. I had to go back a few saves to a time when I had not yet made the archetypes. No work was lost since I went through 4 missions and a gamesys just to work on this bit.

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    I just got this error also. Funny thing though, it had been a couple of weeks since I used any mesh attachments, and suddenly this appears. The game does not freeze, but I have not attempted to run through darkloader.

    Here is the Assertion Failed: Timeout waiting for worker thread to close. Probable deadlock !
    (File: thrdtool.cpp, Line: 236)
    This is what I did just before the error came up: I added CreatureType Treebeast to a creature that had ActorTag list WithSword 0, Haunt 0
    If I can solve it, I will report here to explain how. I do have many backup saves so no problem, just a bummer.

    Edit: for some odd reason, the error no longer comes up. I did not change anything since the error. Could have been a file fluke ?
    When I created 2 objects used as mesh attachments, I used the archetype, not the concrete number. I did however create 2 concrete objects and placed them in a blue room. These 2 objects are for 2 different ai. one object for each.
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