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Thread: Battle of the Terrible Treks

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    Or Q comes by, folds space and makes himself a Camembert sandwich.

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    Quote Originally Posted by st.patrick View Post
    - using the spore drive has some irreversible and/or life-threatening consequences on the navigator (Stamets); this is my favorite theory as it has been shown before with the tardigrade, and Stamets is already acting weird
    Sorry, not an option in my book. Even if using it once would guarantee an early and horrific demise of the navigator - that, realistically, would in no way detract from using it in time of need even for the goody-two-shoes federation let alone anyone anyone else a bit more fanatical. Keeping it secret for the rest of Trek timeline is not particularly believable either.

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    Exactly. And right there is your huge plot hole.

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    It would be a pretty huge plot hole if they would go that way. I bet the writers not to be morons and to just kill the transportation method off when they are done with it. Given its inherent external dependencies there are many ways to do that. Even the hackiest writer should be able to not fuck that up.

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    I thought up a fan theory and immediately dismissed it. I'm actually not sure I would like it if this happens, but it popped into my head so I thought I'd share it.

    What if Stamets is turning into the Traveler? If we're serious about moaning that they're going to do some awful fanservice in the near future, that would be a good way to do it. Wil Wheaton could come to discovery as Wesley Crusher, and start a "self-fulfilling prophecy" by easing Stamets into his destiny as the traveler, whom will then 85 years later, do the same for Crusher.

    It's far fetched, and when I reminded myself of the main plot points of the traveler episodes in TNG, I realize that would be a bit of a stretch. But I thought for a second I might be right.

    I guess that doesn't explain why no spore drive though.

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