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Thread: Do you do any impressions?

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    Do you do any impressions?

    I do a real good voice impressions of Mr. Macky from South Park and Otto from the Simpsons. Right now I'm working on a impression of Donald Trump singing the song Mexican Radio by Wall of Voodoo, The voice part isn't very good yet but I got his body language perfect plus I glued 2 doll hands on sticks and make it look like there my hands. When I sing the part - I feel a warm breeze on my shoulders coming in from south of the border - I tap my shoulders with one of the doll hands. It's looks pretty funny and maybe if I keep practicing I can quit my job and start touring. Cheers!

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    I have been heard to imitate Bruno K. Öijer -- with whom which I assume you are all familiar . I'm not going to say anything about how good I was at it, but he has a distinct voice and can be pretty intense, so anyone who has heard him will recognize even the worst of impressions.

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    I can do a fairly passable impression of myself on a good day.

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    In used to do impressions all the time, but now I only do them for my wife. Her favourite of many probably being the sad blob fish face.

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    What makes that worse is what looks like flem coming out of it's "mouth".

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    I'm quite good at pretending I care enough to give an honest answer.

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    I can do a good impression of a collapsing tent

    It's the first thing that came into my head

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