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Thread: Any good Android games out there?

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    Poly Bridge!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starker View Post
    Since I lack the time to play longer games these days, I thought I'd pick up something for my phone, but it looks like mobile gaming is a bit of a mess right now. Are there any mobile games worth playing out there? Basically I'm looking for games that would be mobile-exclusive or offer a better experience than on any other platform.
    No! Best you be reading e-books or audiobooks about programming or something like that. Sorry, there's no escape from being entertained by useful information in the future. Especially if we're talking about Haskell. Boy that thing is entertaining,

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    A great game that's free if you want some Civ style gameplay on the go is Polytopia. It's very simple compared to the PC game, but it's still a great strategy game for quick sessions. The only micro transactions are for unlocking additional civs. You get 4 right out the gate.

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    Also don't forget that, while not strictly "Android" games, there's a lot of old Square Enix titles on android that play just fine.

    If you don't mind "collectible" games, Star Wars Heroes is surprisingly playable as a grindy level up type of game.

    There's also a number of fantastic room escape type games that will do well for occupying a train ride.
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    Polytopia looks like a good coffee break game. Probably a good candidate to try out.

    Right now, I'm kind of two minds about mobile gaming -- on one hand, there's a kind of simplicity about it that I do appreciate, the sort of inventiveness and charm you see in flash games. On the other hand, I keep thinking that a lot of the games would be just as good on another platform if not better. For example, I wish I was playing Wayward Souls on PC with a controller or at least on a handheld.

    So far, puzzle games, adventure games and simple arcade games have been the clear winner for me, whereas more complex action games and roguelikes suffer a lot from the UI and sluggish controls.

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    I liked Monument Valley, Hoplite and The Room 1,2 and 3.

    Pixel Dungeon is okay but it's just too random. You can be doing really well and then meet insurmountable challenges.

    Flippy Knife was a fun time waster.

    I'm currently playing Laura Croft GO, which is pretty good.

    On the whole I've found very few mobile games that have any lasting appeal, and I've tried loads.

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    The GO games by Square Enix Montreal are all cool puzzle games. Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go, Deus Ex Go. All basically are reskins of the same game but there's nothing wrong with that considering price and extremely high quality of said games.

    If you have a larger screen device like a tablet or phablet then there's ports of classic CRPGs on Android including Baldur's Gate 1 & 2, KotOR, Jade Empire.

    Also available are Rockstar ports like GTA PS2 trilogy, Bully. Square Enix classic JRPGs including most NES-PS1 era Final Fantasies and Dragon Quests; The World Ends with You.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SubJeff View Post
    Pixel Dungeon is okay but it's just too random. You can be doing really well and then meet insurmountable challenges.
    For the record, once you get Pixel Dungeon's system down, you learn how to prepare for basically every challenging eventuality that can come up and you can regularly make it to the upper levels practically every time. Granted, it takes about 200 plays to really get its system down, or it did for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SubJeff View Post
    Flippy Knife was a fun time waster.
    Finally decided to give this a go today, and yeah, this is good stuff! Fun, minimalist platforming/knife throwing that works great on a phone.

    edit: also wanna give a shoutout to, my fave mobile gaming site. You can usually find good tips from checking out their recent top reviews page.
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