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Thread: Sneaky Upgrade: Unofficial patch for Thief 3

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    It should work, assuming you don't have a very old version of the SU. Try running the unpatched game and see if you can alt-tab there. (Look for "Thief 3 unpatched" in the "Thief 3 Sneaky Upgrade" start menu program group.) If you can't alt-tab there either, then the SU is not to blame.

    Do you have the GOG version of the game? The GOG installer disables alt-tab for the game for unknown reasons - I think I've made the SU installer fix that, but maybe something's broken it.

    Are you running Win10? It seems the recent 'creator's update' has broken a few things, for instance the resolution is not reset correctly on exit anymore for me. Although alt-tab does work.

    I'm hoping to get a new SU update out in January so I'll try getting alt-tab tested on several machines then.

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    I got the Steam version of thief deadly shadows on windows 10 and it works fine with the upgrade the only problem I have is there's no Garrett voice during the briefing screen.I tried to fix this with the sneaky upgrade settings and now there's no briefing screen just the objectives screen.How do I fix this?

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    There must be something wrong with the setup of the Briefing Videos mod - when it's active you get the briefing as a video voice-over and afterwards the game starts at the objectives screen, with the briefing disabled. Sounds like those elements got messed up somehow.

    Try disabling the Briefings mod on the front page of the tweaker. Also, check the Tweaks page in the Sneaky Upgrade section for an option to start at the objectives screen - it should be disabled. Click OK and try the game again. If it still doesn't work, then try uninstalling the SU, reboot, then reinstall while your virus checker is disabled.

    When it works, you can try re-enabling the Briefings mod. Make sure the same Tweaks option as before, but in the Briefing Videos section, is enabled.
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    Thank you,it works now.

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