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Thread: Does anybody wanna chill out and eat some chips?

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    Washed down with Pepsi and whisky, motherfuckers!

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    Monster Munch? Now you've gone too far!

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    I like seeing these non-USA brands. When I am in another country, I like to go to the stores and see all of the alternate takes on products. I find it fun, but it drives my wife batty. And Tony_T, uh... I like GMOs. It's so cool to eat food saturated with glyphosate.

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    Monster Munch and Buckfast can only be consumed at an embankment or an underpass with people named Sharon, Wazza or Stringy Bob.
    At night.
    Wearing a parka.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purgator View Post
    I read an article about that stuff yesterday. It's share in Scotland's alcohol market is minimal (0.5%). But it's involved in 40% of violent crimes in Scotland where perpetrators had been drinking. (
    Theoretically this would mean it's really good stuff, but not unless you like flavored fortified wine that's stuffed with caffeine and preservatives.

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    15% alcohol content in buckfast and that is considered high? Thatís a typical California wine. Beer here is about 4% for the junk stuff and over 6% for the better beers. Itís easy to get 13%+ barley wine here too. Hard liquor is usually 80 proof (40%), unless flavored, then it is 35%. In California we can get up to 151 proof spirits - even in the local super markets. In other states, you can get ďEverclearĒ at 190 proof. Pour a double shot cocktail with that stuff and you will get a kick you were not expecting.

    We also have had absinthe for a while, but the thujone is tightly restricted. Itís just pastis that is more green than brownish. Sure it has wormwood, but not the good stuff.

    Taro chips are something everyone should try at least once. Taro is what is used to make poi in Hawaii. A root vegetable that can be sliced into thin chips like a potato and fried up. A little sea salt and yummy.

    Donít forget the avocado dip. Simpler is better. Just a few spices and a little lime juice. Maybe, just maybe a little hot salsa to give it a kick. Better to have the salsa on the side so you can make you own mix if you want.

    Hey, itís Friday and I just completed some tile work at home... Just chilling out and babbling. Enjoy your weekends to come. We all need that break.

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    Thor, is this like that whole 'Netflix and Chill' thing?

    ...because I'll try anything once.

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    Its only freaky the first time...

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    These ruined me for anything else. Don't try them, it's a curse.

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