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Thread: Thief Gold: weird sounds during gameplay

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    Thief Gold: weird sounds during gameplay

    Hello, I'm playing Thief gold with the latest unofficial patch and I'm experiencing weird issue: in some places there are strange sounds (from crackling and clicking to siren-like) that shouldn't be there.
    I have tried EAX on and off but it didn't help.
    My sound card is audigy 2 zs platinum pro (10+ years old sound card) on Windows 10.
    No issues whatsoever in other games.

    anyone experienced something similar?

    also, how can I enable Aureal A3D sound in Thief 1 ? I remember enabling it in Thief 2 but same technique doesn't work in Thief 1 or at least I'm not hearing any difference. I tried enabling it by installing A3D-live.exe and openal and then running game sound through hardware Openal, with EAX off, which should enable A3D. But really doesn't sound as it should. Please share your experience!!!

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    Hi there ^^

    Well that sounds like a weird issue indeed
    Are you sure those aren't sounds related to various events that Windows or hardware monitoring programs detect (like, the alarm might be due to some component reaching a rather high temperature while gaming)?
    Can you perhaps record a video of a playing session where that happens and post a link to it?

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    Thanks for the reply! Yes I'm sure those sounds are from the game because like I said they are positional - when I move camera around, they are heard in different sides. They are also louder/weaker depending on my distance to them I think.
    I tried recording with Fraps but it had no sound.
    I tried recording with Wondershare Filmora, but it somehow didn't register the game, as in, it showed the desktop when I was in game.
    Any other ways I could record the sound ? Perhaps some easy lightweight sound recording software?

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    make sure no enhancements are enabled on your dedicated sound card.

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    I think with FRAPS you should set the audio recording mode to WDM and select "What You Hear" as the source. The Audigy 2 doesn't really have WASAPI drivers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristijonas View Post
    Perhaps some easy lightweight sound recording software?
    Audacity can record speaker output. There are some tutorials how to this.

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    In Audacity, you set the recording source to "Stereo Mix" and it will record whatever is being played through the speakers.

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    I tried everything - recording sound when OpenAl is selected as hardware acceleration - no sound is recorded. Sound is recorded when I set OpenAl off in the game.
    The sound issues I have are only present with OpenAl in the game so I can't even show you the problem Wish I had a smartphone to film the issue with lol

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    Using ALchemy + EAX isn't an option? I mean it should basically do the same but might be less buggy.

    Also, if Audacity supports ASIO you can capture the output there too. Inputs 3+4 are the front L and R outputs IIRC.

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