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Thread: Thief 2 runs only fan game HELP

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    Thief 2 runs only fan game HELP

    So I just bought a new gaming computer. Installed thief 2 from original discs and the taffer patch. When I start the game it plays one of the fan games NOT the original game. How do I fix this? Thanks in advance.
    Ps: thief 1 installed and plays perfectly.

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    Some help please:

    -What "fan game" is it playing? (I'm assuming you mean fan mission).
    -Do you use a mission loader like Darkloader or FMSel to start up Thief?
    -Since it's a new PC - are any fan missions installed on your new machine?

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    well, that can only happen if you actually have a FM loaded in some way. create a new, clean T2 install and you should be fine.

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    Yes fan mission.
    Yes I have darkloader installed. However this happens even when I start the game by clicking its own icon, not via darkloader. I will erase darkloader and the fan missions and re install.

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    If you're using the original DarkLoader I would recommend uninstalling that and using NewDarkLoader.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moatazemam View Post
    I have darkloader installed.
    yep, there's your problem. get rid of it, never touch it again, and all will be good.

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    Sounds like you just didn't uninstall the FM, which you must do to play an OM with old Darkloader. You should do as they suggest, though, and use NewDarkLoader instead.

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    New darkloader? Thanks a lot. I had never heard of it before. Will do that.

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