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Thread: Best way to get unwanted preinstalled software off HP laptop?

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    Best way to get unwanted preinstalled software off HP laptop?

    Do you guys know of any websites or programmes that reliably help remove preinstalled software from a computer? I got my wife an HP laptop for Christmas, but I'd want to get rid of all the stuff that's been preinstalled that she definitely won't need.

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    I take it that you really don't want to fresh-install the system?

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    which is exactly what you should do, especially with a new, unused laptop. get a clean iso from MS, install it, load the drivers and you are done. way easier and faster than chasing all the gremlins around the system.

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    I got my wife an HP Spectre x360 15-inch for her birthday this summer, and it was surprisingly light on bloatware. I'm not sure whether HP has done that across their product line, but it was nice to see. In our case, it was much easier to uninstall the relatively few things we didn't want than do a clean install.

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    Same here. It seems that they've realised they're pissing off customers who are pretty damn vocal. Either the insidious bloatware is hidden really well or there simply isn't that much of it anymore.

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    Ive been using a g7 for a very long time now , years and years , and got myself a nice Asus F- series ( meant to kill my old laptop in every spec ) and it does.

    But only after i had done a cleanup of software , before that it was slower than my g7. To your question the best way and recommended by hp themselves is through control panel , though i know through windows 10 you can right click and uninstall straight from the exe , however this can cause registry issues.

    Hp has terrible support , i would however scour the web for people who are not hp employed for help when i had any issues

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