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Thread: Son of Scoregasm - 2 shmup 2 various

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    Son of Scoregasm - 2 shmup 2 various

    The sequel to one of my favourite arcade shooters is finally out! has the announcement and gameplay video and other details.

    See also Scoregasm - variety-rich arena-based shmup if you don't remember the original game.

    The games can look a little bullet-hell-ish, so I'll quote myself from a different thread:

    Actually, Scoregasm isn't a bullet hell game at all, because of the way the close-range attack enables you to blast a path right through the enemy bullets. Killing enemies with your regular attack charges your close-range attack, and you will be using both weapons pretty constantly. It's a neat dynamic, and makes the game different and fun. I wouldn't go near a bullet hell shooter myself, but I really recommend Scoregasm.
    I've only played the new one a little, and thus far it feels harder than the original. It's been a long time though, so I'd need to go back and play the first game again to be sure. Which isn't a bad idea, so I might well do that. I wish I was less busy just now...

    p.s. I note that Charlie's old wordpress URLs don't work now, but you can see the original game at:
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    Okay this weirded me out.
    My homepages consist of an RSS feed reader, GMail and a few forums, two of which are Yakyak and TTLG.
    Those last two have similar colour schemes. And super charlie, the guy behind Charlie's Games, is a prominent member (fnar) over on YakYak. So I thought I'd somehow blundered into the "Playing the games" sub-forum of YakYak instead of my usual haunt, "Bleatings", when I saw this thread title. Weird little forum-centric existential crisis.

    But yeah, Charlie makes good games, so I'll have to check this out

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    For anyone who was on the fence, it's currently 50% off (i.e. $5) in Charlie's New Year sale:

    The game has also seen a couple of updates since release:


    For those without gamepads, I recommend using keyboard+mouse and the automatic fire option. My fortunes changed rather dramatically once I stopped trying to do everything with the keyboard!

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