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Thread: General Fan Mission Review And Discussion Megathread

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    The Ravine (TDM)

    I seem to have issues with any mission involving rifts or ravines, considering how this is the second mission with that theme that I got frustrated with.

    The Ravine (by Spoonman) is a very...atypical mission. This time, Not-Garratt is being sent down into the titular ravine on a round of treasure hunting. Many years back, Bluemoon Prison had a mining facility where prisoners were put to work mining. All well and good, until a revolt forced the place to be sealed up, with the survivors inside. One of the acolytes from that time left a trophy down there, and now that thereís been a new entrance to the ravine discovered, our hero is expected to go down there at get it.

    The first thing that will strike you is that this mission is dark. Very dark. This intentional. The next thing that will strike you is that this place is tall and confusing. The Ravine will probably remind old-school Thief players of The Sword, with itís odd and confusing layout. It isnít all that big, really, but constantly overlaps and there are very few landmarks to help you get your bearings. Itís suitably creepy, mainly thanks to the well done sound. There are also a few interior locations which jack up the maze aspects and gives you more enemies to deal with.

    This is a harder mission than normal. The loot isnít exactly hidden but the nature of the level makes it a pain to find at times, though thankfully there is a margin of error allowed. I do feel that the later portions of the mission throw a few too many enemies your way, and the layout and sound make it very hard to pinpoint where they are and how many you have left. Itís a clever use of layout and sound and is part of the point, but my first playthrough drove me to the brink of frustration.

    All in all, this is an unusual outing. Fans of the classic mansion heist may not enjoy it, but those who like a touch of the bizarre in their mission will greatly enjoy it. Recommended.

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    Lockdown Part 1: The Key Out of Here (TDM)

    Lockdown : Part 1: The Key Out of Here (by GameDevGoro with help from Bikerdude) is part one of a series that never happened, as far I know. The premise is simple: Not-Garrett needs some cash to pay for some new equipment, but thereís a lockdown in progress due to bandit attacks. Thankfully, our hero might have a tip about the hideout of a bandit leaderÖ.

    When I saw this mission on the download screen it said it was 3 MB, so I thought it would be a quick and small mission. Turns out it was a bit bigger, but itís still a small city mission, though more complex than I thought. My second playthrough showed that the mission was a little straightforward than I thought, but thereís still a fair bit of ducking through houses and windows, scooping loot as you go. The main gripe I have is an area of the city that, as far as I know, can only be accessed by a window, and if you happen to end up there without rope arrows/didnít set things up properly, youíre stuck.

    Lootwise, itís pretty simple. On Expert, at least, just completing the objectives will get you most of the loot goal, and the rest is easy to find. There arenít many diabolical hiding places, but a fair bit of exploration is needed to find it. Thereís a basic enough story connecting everything, telling the tale of a hidden stash of loot which has a surprise or two for those who will look for it. The higher difficulties restrain your knockouts, but itís mostly easy enough to evade the guards. The only bit that annoys me is a building near the beginning that is near impossible to get into without alerting someone, and thereís a fair bit of loot in there.

    All in all, a fun little mission. Recommended.

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    All outstanding reviews have now been added. Thank you very much indeed, guys.

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    Pandora's Box (TDM)

    For the record, this was also made by Jesps.

    Pandoraís Box is another short mission, but with added difficulty and an interesting local: an airship, which our brave hero has infiltrated to find the titular box and swap it with a fake. The airship idea is interesting, and Jesps incorporates some interesting uses of technology, such as makeshift ďspotlightsĒ on the deck of the ship. The layout is linear, but thatís the only real gripe.

    Difficulty-wise, itís tricky. The highest difficulties forbid you from even been seen, much less killing or knocking out. The guards donít choke you, but moving around the well-lit and exposed deck is tricky, especially because while you get the wind howling in your ears, the guards can hear you perfectly well. But thatís a minor hurdle. The loot is sparse and slightly tricky to find, not helped by the guards, but careful searching will turn it up.

    On the whole, this is a fun, slightly challenging mission. Recommended, especially if you want something short.

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    Crystal Grave (TDM)

    Of note: This is a mission translated from Polish, I beleive! Which is neat.

    Crystal Grave (by ERH+ with help from Bikerdude, in translation, optimization, bug fixes, and decoration detail) is a mission that sets itself in a partially flooded fort. Not-Garrett has set out there to get his hands on some pure crystal, but gets shipwrecked nearby. Now he has to slip inside the fort, find the crystals, get some food and water for the long trek home, and open the gates to get out.

    This mission has a well-executed horror atmosphere, carried through the decrepit layout of the fort and interesting bits of atmosphere, such as quiet voices in certain locations, or the sound of Not-Garrett choking on the air in a room of bodies. Special note goes to the pseudo-lab in the depths of the fort, well-hidden and creepy. Itís well-done, but some sound effects for opening doors and windows are different than they are in ordinary missions, which could throw some people off. As expected, the fort is filled with haunts, leaving the player ducking through halls trying to stay a step ahead, though there is a pretty good balance: you can run into haunts in almost any room, but not in every room.

    Difficulty-wise, the main issue is finding the needed objects and trying to find your way around the place. The needed food isnít obvious, and not easy to find. The thread had people asking for help, and while I found the food quickly, I admit there was a fair bit of luck involved. The fort also has a semi-confusing layout and in spite of the claim of the title screen the map is dang near useless. Keys are plentiful, but there are no real hints about what key goes to what door or chest. On a more technical complaint, thereís one door in a main room that seems to cause every haunt that gets close to have a small mental breakdown.

    All in all, this is a fun, but flawed mission, with most of the entertainment coming from the creativity, but the elements of hunting for small non-obvious objects might annoy players. Recommended, with caveats.

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    These have been added.

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    The Crown of Pentience and The Builder's Blocks (TDM)

    Quote Originally Posted by Nightwalker View Post
    These have been added.
    Yay~ Now let me give you more work to do. :P

    So, now it’s time for more Jesps

    From what I understand, The Crown of Penitence was one of the first missions made for The Dark Mod. It’s interesting as a historical curiosity, but as a mission it’s somewhat lacking. The premise is simple, as Not-Garrett bravely infiltrates the home of a declining noble to snatch his new crown. The mansion layout is simple enough and easy to navigate, which is good because the map you get is a tad useless. The mission does do a good job at giving the impression that the house is one in financial straits and falling apart, but a few more visual cues would have been appreciated.

    Difficulty-wise, it’s fairly easy, especially if you’re willing to inflict head trauma on the guards, since the early rooms are a convenient body disposal area. Most of the loot is in the open, and hitting the goal isn’t hard. All in all it’s a simple, to-the-point mission. First-time players will like it, but more experienced ones might find it too simple.


    And now, a bonus!

    For an Unusual Gameplay contest Jesps made The Builder’s Blocks, which I can confirm is unusual gameplay.

    Because it’s literally Tetris. In The Dark Mod.

    Sadly, I was never a big fan of Tetris, and the controls; clicking on arrows to move your pieces, is a bit too clunky for me. But it’s certainly unusual, and I expect that some more technically minded person might be interested in seeing how it works. But it’s not my thing.

    Also added and thank you for your reviews!

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