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Thread: Underworld Ascendant

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    Saw somewhere recently that Otherside is saying the game will actually be out in 2018. Not a big deal, but I just hadn't heard them say that before.

    That new vid looks good. Say, did they ever mention in stretch goals or anything that they might include an editor?

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    The editor stretch goal was not reached, unfortunately.

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    There's now a teaser trailer:

    and a Steam page!

    Say, I haven't seen any spiders in the most recent videos and images. Are they out? If so, the chances of me buying this went up significantly.

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    The trailer makes it look more a puzzle platformer than an RPG.

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    It breaks my heart to see what this game is turning into.

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    There will be more -- rune magic and equipment and lockpicking and lizardmen language and so on.

    Here's some early gameplay of the tutorial. All the usual caveats apply: pre-alpha footage, subject to change, lots of placeholders and work in progress, and a lot of elements and effects are still not implemented:

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    I kind of like what I see (and hearing SR is always a pleasure to my ears), but over 3 years have past, and they still use very basic assets and materials? I mean, sure, I don't expect Dishonored 2 level of polish, but PBR has been a standard for quite some time now, and I'd expect wood to look like wood, not pasta, and stone to look like it has some diffuse texture, not just normalmap with single color.

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    They promised to start polishing things up after all the mechanics have been implemented. Probably not the best move PR-wise, but they don't really have a choice. Doing it the other way -- first polishing things up and then testing and changing things around -- would be just too costly.

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    Absolutely, there's no sense in jumping to detail before locking down the core stuff. I just wonder what took them so long, is it a side-project of the team or something like that? That would make sense then.

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    It's just a very small team. Frankly, based on what has been shown and told to backers, I don't see how they can finish this by the end of the year, even with outsourcing.

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