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Thread: Can't download Mass Effect: Andromeda (from Origin)

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    Can't download Mass Effect: Andromeda (from Origin)

    Never had this happen before, though I've had more than my share dealing with EA game glitches, etc., in the past. When I try to download the ME:Andromeda game I get the error:

    'Error: The VC++ runtime redistributable package was not installed successfully. Setup cannot continue. (123)'

    Every single time (though the numbers in parentheses are usually different each time). I have no clue how to fix this; I did multiple searches and found only about three 'fixes' that pretty much require you to have a degree in computer programming (which I don't), or to d/l some bit of software from some obscure site I've never heard of before. If I have to, I'll request a refund from Origin, but I was really looking forward to playing this game. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I don't have MA: Andromeda but a quick search suggests this is definitely not an isolated issue (e.g. this thread which you have probably seen). One thing it suggests that may help is to run the Origin client as administrator - i.e. exit origin (if open), right-click on the Origin icon in your start menu and choose "Run as administrator". Then try to install / run it again.

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    @Al: Your suggestion worked, at least I was able to fully d/l the game!! I have yet to play it, but if it downloaded successfully, which I think it did, there shouldn't be any problems. Thanks so very much, Al!!

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