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Thread: Are You Effing Kidding Me?

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    I'm with Heywood, all that other stuff was super popular and everyone loved it, but none of it was on par with the Star Wars movies. I still remember the crazyness when Empire came out, and how you had to buy your tickets in advance, which wasn't really done back then.

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    Starker grew up in Russia IIRC, so it's fairly easy to see with that context why western releases would be treated similarly in terms of popularity. For even more (unnecessary but I'll foist it anyway) context, most of India couldn't give a fig about sci-fi in general, or science fantasy like Star Wars. I think TLJ lasted 2-3 weeks, while BR2049 was out in 2 weeks flat. It's pretty sad.

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    I think it's the same situation across the whole of Asia. They have no nostalgia for the earlier films, which is why Force Awakens isn't the all-time highest grossing movie worldwide, even though it destroyed box office records in America and Britain. In China, it's just another sci-fi franchise.

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    Blade Runner is kind of a slow burner anyway and it's not like the original was wildly popular at the release either.

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    It will be interesting to see if that gains a cult following. My bets on a yes.

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    Me too. It's a great, great sequel.

    It's weirdly fantastic actually. I hoped it would at least not be a complete debacle and Villeneuve is a solid director whose other films gave me hope. I didn't expect to be so pleasantly surprised though and I'm always ready to be disappointed, even when a film starts well.

    Take the new RoboCop, for example. The original might be my favourite film and it's certainly the one I can quote the most. So I went into the new one with very low expectations and I was really pleased up until the grenade. That's when it became really naff. The setup was really well done and the body horror reveal was really uncomfortable and well played.

    Luckily Blade Runner never had that grenade moment and was consistent.

    I've high hopes for the new Dune.

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    Yeah, I also really like BR2049 and am glad I saw it in the theater. It's available for rent on iTunes the 14th so watching it again is what I'm going to do on the evening of Valentine's Day! Watching a dystopian sci-fi movie seems oddly fitting for my first Valentine's Day alone in many years. Bollocks to watching any kind of romantic comedy or something like that.

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    I heard from reviews that the Robocop reboot had none of the gore/violence, swearing and dark humor of the original. That like the Total Recall reboot = Zero interest for me, so I never watched them. They were completely unnecessary reboots imo.

    I'd have MUCH preferred a sequel to Total Recall for example, with Paul Verhoven directing again.

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    It had a different humour, not as dark, not as in your face. It was still pretty violent but without all the ott blood packs of the original.

    Yes, both of these changes were missteps.

    The cast was excellent, the core was really solid, the fleshing out was completely wrecked. Boddicker and crew were so integral to the original; although a crew rehash would've probably been too much the film needed a Clarence. The guy in his role was waaaaaay underused, to the point of being irrelevant.

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