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    Forza Horizon developer Playground Games might be making Fable 4.

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    This video is from last summer but I only heard about it on the RPS podcast just now.

    Sos Sosowski made his own press conference to unveil "Mosh Pit Simulator". It's... impressive.

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    From what I have seen, it appears he has perfectly simulated the average crowd at an American press conference.

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    Hey look at that, there's a new Thief game coming!

    Discovered in this collection of wonderful a wonky upcoming "simulator" titles.

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    I'm simply going to mention the games on my wishlist which aren't out yet, but are supposed to be released in 2018 (although I've been wrong about that earlier), and which I'm most interested in or intrigued by -- and haven't already mentioned:

    Lake Ridden - looks like it could be just my thing:
    Lake Ridden is a story-driven, first-person mystery, filled with puzzles. A thrilling supernatural adventure where you unravel a dark past, trying to save your sister. Luckily, you are not alone.
    The Occupation - made by White Paper Games, who I think made a pretty good job with their previous game, Ether One (in which I still have extras to finish):
    The Occupation is a first-person, fixed time, investigative thriller sim set in North-West England on 24th October, 1987. The game begins at 3:27pm.
    0N 0W - which started as a a (free) demo called "dream.sim" a couple of years ago (which I talked a little about in another hype thread). I didn't quite know what to make of it at the time, but I'm excited to see what's become of it. Apparently somehow related to the "Null Island".
    A quick stop at a mysterious town leads you on a first person surreal adventure of visual auditory stimuli through magical worlds.
    DYSTOA - developed by the same people making Essence, which is still in Early Access, although DYSTOA is supposed to not go the same route:
    DYSTOA is as much a surreal, poetic, and minimalistic exploration game as it is an homage to the beauty of life and death and thoughts from one or another world.
    Jamie's Dream - could be gold, could be... mould. Either way, I can't help but be intrigued:
    Jamie's Dream is a short, emotional, experimental, psychological horror narrative experience. Walk through nightmares, facing fears and memories as they are revealed going deeper and deeper into the abyss of Jamie's mind.
    Q.U.B.E. 2 -- not much to say: if you liked the puzzles in the first game, you'll probably like the puzzles in this one too.

    Another game worth mentioning, but which is already out, is Dark Train (with a demo available on
    DARK TRAIN is an oppressive steampunk 2D adventure made of paper. Assume the role of mechanical squid Ann 2.35f that is tied to a railroad tamagotchi and deliver the mysterious order for the deceased D. W. Tagrezbung, famous inventor from the Border City.
    A game I have already mentioned is A Light In Chorus, which I am still interested in, but, with their site having been suspended and with no recent news, I'm not sure what's going on. Hopefully it's just an administrative issue.

    This year I might also be widening my horizons a little, which means I will most likely die a lot...
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    I was hyped about 2 games. Scorn and Tangiers. I'm afraid both will never be released.

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    Aah, yes, Tangiers, I forgot about that. I am still getting updates about it -- even if they are few and far between -- so I gather it's still in development. I think it will eventually be released (and be great), but when is a whole other question.

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    Dare I mention...Routine?

    Last I remember, they were supposed to release in March of last year, and then in April they posted something about needing a few extra months.

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    So long as it's still being worked on, there's hope. Memory of a Broken Dimension is going the same route -- with the difference that XRA is continuously streaming from the development. I have a lot of patience and other things to do, so I'm just going to wait and do whatever it is that I do. I remember what happened with The City of Metronome, though, which I was really looking forward to, but which never got released. It was apparently finished, but there was some problem with the publisher. The weird/good thing is that the same studio did release a number of other games, after the Metronome debacle, including Little Nightmares. I still to this day shed a virtual tear for Metronome every time I'm reminded of its untimely departure into limbo.

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    Oh wow, I might be genuinely hyped about this. Quite a steep price, though.

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    Whaaaaaaatever you can already play that game on like every system except the new consoles. They should remaster Burnout 3 instead. (coz it was the best Burnout game)

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    Whaaaaaaatever you can already play that game on like every system except the new consoles. They should remaster Burnout 3 instead. (coz it was the best Burnout game)
    What this man said. Also, Burnout Revenge.

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    Yall just grumpy farts.

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    In todays news, Eurogamer reports that there will be no microtransactions in a game released by EA. This shocking development was confirmed by EA's community manager. As of yet, there has been no reason given for the lack of microtransactions, or any word from EA whether they might be included in the future, but if true, this will likely exclude the game from a growing list of lifestyle games, disappointing the gamers who had been looking forward to paying for the privilege of getting a second unpaid job. EA nevertheless reassured gamers that there will be plenty of predatory business practices available in EA's other games.

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    Man, just when I finally put my wheel back in the closet:

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    Another two games I'm looking forward to...

    The first one, Abandon Ship is coming out very soon and looks like a lot of fun, in an FTL (though better looking) kind of way:

    Be the Captain. Survive on the Edge in a World with Consequences.

    In Abandon Ship you take command of a ship and her crew, exploring a diverse, procedurally generated world, taking on quests and dealing with random events. Frequently, you will end up engaging other ships in combat, the player having to employ their best tactics in order to out-manoeuvre and out-gun the enemy.
    As for the other one, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, probably isn't coming out very soon, but it is good to see another game coming out of the World of Darkness universe; even if there's no Troika behind it (or their army of bugs).

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    It's a bummer the Werewolf game wasn't Cain/Boyarski's secret project. TBH, I kinda wish there were a WoD videogame that merged all of the rulesets (Vampire, Mage, Werwolf, Wraith, etc). I'm not sure I have any faith in Cyanide doing the source material justice.

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    Cyanide's basically the Raven Software of RPGs these days, right? From what I've managed to play of their games, they're more or less competent mid-tier budget experiences that range from okay-ish to slightly above average. Not gonna say they're a bad dev for WoD, but I wouldn't hold my breath over them delivering anything that approaches the highs (and, inevitably, lows) of a Troika game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Moyer View Post
    Man, just when I finally put my wheel back in the closet:
    Just when I thought I might maybe, possibly, finally take my wheel out of the closet and start playing the original Assetto Corsa, which I bought over a year ago.

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