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Thread: um a real slight problem here

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    um a real slight problem here

    Okie iam at the end of the fighters guild quest. i think. Percius Mercius asked me to kill Eydis Fire-Eye and Lorbumol Gro-Aglakh and he will support me becoming GuildMaster

    my problem is as soon as i walk into the fighters guild in Balora she says there is work on the street that i am Percius's lapdog. and then there is a small caption saying goodbye. i click on this and she attacks me BUT when i attack her i get dispelled from the guild and a crime has been reported towards me also 2 other NPC's agro me from below

    any suggestions for this Orc Warrior?

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    run her around the guild, then attack her after a while, if that doesn't work you're bugged.

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