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Thread: unplayable performance

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    unplayable performance

    I was wondering if anyone had any tweaking tips to get TUT working for me. UT runs fairly well on my system, which is less than ideal (400 celeronA, 128 MB RAM, GeForce2, MX300), but TUT runs like hell. Can I even get TUT running playably on my system?


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    I'd just keep dropping resolutions and texture detail until you find something thats acceptable. You don't really want to turn off dynamic lighting (which is a rather large performance hit), because its critical to the gameplay itself. If you did, TUT would run a lot faster, but you wouldn't be able to tell if a light was on or off or what. You could also try dropping decals, which might help a bit, but you would loose things like footsteps. Really, you don't have a whole pile of options to give big performance increases, other than texture detail and resolution. Resolution will probably help most, because even a low end GeForce 2 shouldn't struggle with textures a whole lot.
    *Shrug* Hope that helps or something
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