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Thread: Argh. Need Help

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    Argh. Need Help

    Blegh. I'm restarting for the 2nd time and I'm getting pretty tired.

    I normally don't purchase any armor because I prefer saving the cash for trainng. So just a few minutes ago, I missed the path leading to Balmora and ended up in Pelegaid instead. I tried stealing when no one was looking and success. So I went to sell it and the owner recognized one of the items. BUSTED! I ran away and now everyone hates me. I'd pay the extremely small fine but most of my old equipment has been sold off and the new ones were confisicated.

    Anyway, let me get to the questions. Is it safe to do what I'm doing? Save money for training and pilfer equipment from enemies like the "traveler" who asks you to pay him in order to move on or the slavers?

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    Yeah you pretty much have the idea, buying armour is not really a good idea, it's expensive and you can find far better items in the field.

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    Thanks. Now I'm a little irked cause the Addamasters(?) crates didn't hold the as much good equipment as it did before (shields, a nice sword and full armor!). Now all I found is a couple of weapons and small pieces of armor...

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