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Thread: Scripting Help

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    Scripting Help

    *looks around embarassed*

    ... Uhh.. Hey everyone ^.^

    *coughs* I found my answer. But I might need more help later.
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    All right, my NEW problem. It's the Companion Share feature. From what I could get from Morrowind Scripting for Dummies 5, I just need to set Companion to 1. I did this. I also checked it against the line used with Calvus, the mercenary in Tribunal. It was right.

    So I've added the following:

    Set Companion to 1
    AIFollow Player 0 0 0 0

    When I play the game and get to this segment of the dialogue, it comes up with the following errors:

    Script DialogueCompileAndRun
    Syntax Error Line 1
    Could not find variable "Companion"


    ==> CompileAndRun problem was found in Topic "travel together"
    "Me? Ready? I'm always ready. That's the first thing an adventurer learns on the field."

    Any ideas... ? I'm about to recompile all the scripts, but seeing as I didn't (afaik) add or change a script, recompiling them shouldn't change much.
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    OK, the first problem is that you need to declare the Companion variable as a Short... it should be:

    Short Companion
    Set Companion to 1

    As for the other problem, it may be related - make sure you declare the Companion variable there as well, if you are using it.

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    ... Heh. I knew that. Thanks Striker ^.^

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    Gah. All that happens is I go through the dialogue like I should, and when I get to the part with the companion piece, Morrowind crashes (every time.)

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    How do you have the dialog entry set up?

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