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Thread: T2 - Screen noise effect question

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    T2 - Screen noise effect question

    Greetings. Forgive me if it was asked before.
    I know that it's possible to put a bitmap on screen via TrapCamera (or something else) from some custom (original?) script, but is it possible to put a bitmap on screen while on play without camera feature? I need to make a special effect, when you're entering certain zone -- a slight noise screen effect appears to signal, that this area is cursed/infected. Is it possible to put screen bitmap WITHOUT camera?

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    Is there some reason you can't just attach a model with the bitmap to the player?

    Although a particle system might be a better idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewDark modders_notes.txt
    New Prop: Renderer->"Camera Overlay"

    The property can be assigned to objects that have, or can have, a camera attached to have a custom camera overlay
    rendered while the camera is attached to it. The object could be the player, or for example a scouting orb. If
    the "Camera Overlay" is active it will override any default overlay of the game. In other words if a custom overlay
    is set on scouting orb, it will be used instead of the default overlay effects for it.

    An overlay can either be a color tint on the entire screen, like the coloring when the player is under water, or
    a bitmap. For example a black bitmap with two holes "cut out" in the alpha channel to get a viewing-through-
    binoculars effect.

    The bitmap is loaded from the "BITMAP" dir, like with bitmap particles, except it can either be a single texture
    with one image file in "BITMAP" or it can be an animated bitmap with numbered files in "BITMAP\txt" or "txt16".
    Read more about it there. It will take some experimentation but it works great. I used it in Godbreaker mission 4 to add a color overlay when the player used the object that made you temporarily invisible.

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    Yandros, wow, for some reason i naively thought that would work only for the stuff, like camera or scouting orb. Turns out I really can make it work as intended combined with MetaProps, so yeah, that's what i needed. Thanks a lot

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