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Thread: unfinished missions looking to be continued

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    unfinished missions looking to be continued

    Hey dear Thief-guys!

    10 years ago I started to build a big city and approximately 5 years ago I built a castle. Both play in winter. After long time with many big breaks in dromeding and still no idea what to do with the missions - no story (except for some ideas), no knowledge about how to use the complex technology of linking - and missing time because of work, now I had the idea that anyone of you dromed-guys and me could cooperate and finish the missions together.

    In my opinion, both maps are great work from me. Maybe the city is built a little bit chaotic (because I didn't know how to do it better then), but the castle is very nice. I had much fun and a great time of construction, but now I am at a point I can't continue it. And at this point I don't want to live with the thought that these very nice and wonderful maps will become forgotten files on my computer.

    For better insight I have added a few pictures:



    For those who are interested more, here is a video to hear it with atmosphere and ingame music/sounds:

    How you can see there are a lot of details which have to fix, e.g. wrong textures, missing motion of AIs, brush fails, fog everywhere and so on...

    In some areas there are errors at portalise/optimise and I don't know what's the issue.
    This and some (...maybe a bit more...) other mistakes you have to find and fix. But I think it is not that much.

    I used a large palette of new textures, objects and sounds. Some sounds are specially created by Child of Karras (look at Thief 1 + 2 Soundtrack).
    I spent a lot of love in detail to build a nice atmosphere. I would like that this mostly remains untouched.

    If there is anyone who is interested I can give you some more details.

    Is there a crazy dromed-editor-guy (or more of you) who would like to continue my work (with me) with a great story and a more better knowledge of Dromed-technology than mine?

    I hope for a lot of feedback!

    best regards

    Carrot (aka Suselsahne for the german editors)

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    These are beautiful screenshots! Nice work! I have too much on my plate at the moment to join you in this endeavor, but I hope others do. It would be a shame to let all that beautiful work go to waste.

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    I have your some old screenshots:

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    @Tannar: Thank you very much! It is a pity that you have no time. Maybe you could join later.

    @clearing: Holy shit, I didn't knew that! That's really old! But the big mansion doesn't exist anymore and the City has evolved. The castle in the mountains is a new part.

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    Looks great! I'd be interested in taking a look, though I doubt I could commit to helping finish them at the mo.

    You might have more luck finding Dromed folk in the Editor's Guild.

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    How very lovely! Yeah, I'd be interested in taking a look and helping you where I can. (Mostly with story stuff if that's where you're struggling)
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    Normally this is the kind of project I would like to take on (see Heist Society, Deceptive Perception 2, Seven Shades of Mercury), but even though I got my big campaign released recently, I have too many other things going on to step in on this one. Hope you find someone to help out!

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    @nicked: Thanks! But what are your doubts?

    @Random_Taffer: Yes, story stuff is good! I think I'm not that good at telling good stories. It would be awesome if you could help with that! Thank you!

    @Yandros: I really hoped that you would say yes. I played a lot of your fanmissions, 3 days ago I finished your "Death's Cold Embrace", and it was so awesome! Really good missions. But I understand your position to do other stuff at the moment. Thank you anyway!

    The hint with Editor's Guild is great. Is it possible to move this thread or should I just open a new one? Edit: Oh, it is. Haha, thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carrot View Post
    @nicked: Thanks! But what are your doubts?
    Just too busy with my own mission at the moment. I wouldn't be able to devote the time it would need. I hope you can get them finished though, both missions look fantastic!

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    Ok, I understand. No problem at all!

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    Both missions look amazing, they look practically finished, what's missing to release them?

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    A lot of details. Brushs (room and area) have to be fixed (sometimes errors like "edge not in poly list"), some areas must be continued and need to be corrected (wrong textures etc.), the most of the buildings in the city have to be revised (because some constructions from the beginning don't look that good anymore and some built years later with better architecture). Setting some atmospheric lights and sounds. A whole story is missing. The maps have to be filled with life. Needable items have to be placed. There are so many details that I just can't think of anything. In the current state you need one hour at least to discover everything (without paying attention to guards or collecting loot - it doesn't exist yet except a few people). And the problem is that I havn't the biggest knowledge about dromed - I can build nice maps, but that's it.

    If the maps will be technically corrected I want to be continue and finish the construction. Random_Taffer takes at first a look at the maps. Maybe he can correct them and then we will see.
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    Really incredible work! I'd be very interested in teaming up with a talented builder such as yourself, (though I'm not a "crazy dromed-editor-guy"). But at present it comes across like you're looking for someone to do the grunt work (roombrushing, fixing polys, re-texturing, etc...), and I think most people would be more amenable to an equal partnership. Maybe this is what you're looking for, but if so, that isn't apparent from your posts.

    Splitting up responsibilities according to skillsets is a very reasonable thing to do (e.g., one person specializes in building while the other work on scripting), but are you looking for someone to help you realize *your* vision? Or a joint vision?

    Lastly, DromEd scripting can be very daunting. But if you keep your ideas simple, it's quite possible to learn everything you need to know to make a very enjoyable mission. Start by looking at other FM's that have done things that you found cool. See how they rig it up. Then experiment! People on the forums are very helpful as well, as long as you show you've put in the work yourself before posting.

    Best of luck! And again, I'd love to team up on a project with a talent of your caliber. Especially since building is not my strong-suit But only on a true joint venture.
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    Nice FMs Carrot, looks really beautiful. In the Video right, there is the Name Suselsahne. I know this Name for many Years, long time.. Great to see you here.
    I hope you can find some Taffers to finish this beauty. Good Luck.

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    @trefoilknot: I'm always open to suggestions and new ideas and as I wrote at the beginning of this thread, I have only a few ideas and no complete story so far. That's why I want a collaboration as you describe it. Of course I need someone to do the "grunt work" because I can't. But whoever this is, he/she can and should, of course, also integrate ideas.

    It's been years since I last worked intensively with dromed. As you suggest, I already took a look to other missions and used to do a lot of copying and experimenting. There were many maps I built, but they don't exist anymore. I know the basics how it works. But first, it would take a very long time to teach me that, and secondly, as you say, it's much more helpful and meaningful to form a team.

    That's why I would like to include you in the team! What exactly would you like to do in a project like this?

    @Terra: Yes, it's me, Suselsahne. Hallöchen und danke!

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    How Many FMs are you planning? This two Missions or more? It is a good thing to create a Team and building together FMs but the First thing is to create a Story. This is the first brick of a house, you know what I mean.
    And nobody is perfect with scripting or other techniques in NewDark,, and it's OK looking in other FM and copy the things to learn. I have a little book and write all done, so I can take a look what I need.

    I love Grunt Work, i can build thousands of buildings and rooms and fill at with objects and other things.

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    I'm happy to help with story development and writing readables. If you want to incorporate any puzzle/riddle aspects, that would be my strong-suit; of course, not everyone likes this. If you haven't, give my mission, Bertrand's Forgotten Tomb, a try. See if you like my style. If not, no problem---I don't take it personally. But there's no sense trying to work together if our styles don't mesh.

    I'm also competent with all the inner riggings of DromEd, but far from a master. I know all the essentials of how to bring a mission to life (objectives, AI/patrols, linking keys to doors, coding up combo locks, basic S/R work, basic trap work, etc...) If you need someone to do anything really fancy, I'm not your guy... YET! I'm getting better week by week.

    If you're interested, shoot me a PM and we can discuss in more detail. We can assess whether we're on the same page stylistically. Either way, I love your screenshots, and I hope they get brought to life at some point. I can see myself having a lot of fun romping around those beautifully crafted environs.

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    Hell yeah! If you need any help with the audio/custom made sounds and or ambients, in the mission(s), i'm happy to help!

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    Wow! Looking great. Somebody definitely has to look after this and come up with some story for this environment.

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    @Terra: Yes, I know... It's not that I don't know how it works. As I was beginning with Dromed in 2007/2008 I had an idea. Then I built a lot and paused half a year and started again und paused again. And this over years. And in this years my architectural style developed and I rejected my ideas I had before and there was a hard disk crash and I lost some of my missions. It was luck the city still existed and I had a new idea of a castle in the snow... And here I am with two missions without a finished story.

    @trefoilknot: I will take a look into your mission today evening and write you a PM soon.

    @gigagooga: Thanks a lot for your offer! But Child of Karras still creates the ambient sounds and music for me.

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