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Thread: Installation question

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    Installation question

    I've not played Thief for a few years. Now I'm running Windows 10 and if I can install without using virtual XP like I did last time that would be great.

    I saw on FAQ it says use TFix to install TG but TFix says I have to have game installed already. Am I using TFix wrong or is the FAQ wrong? Haven't even started trying to install T2 yet.

    Is the steam version same as original CD version? If that's easier to install I'll just get it.

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    I've always installed the game before running TFix. It won't install without some prompting, however. With Disc 1 in the drive, type "d:\setup.exe -lgntforce" without quotations where "d" is the letter your disc drive uses. It should run normally, and you should definitely do the full installation. Don't install it under Program Files though, or you'll run into problems. Once the installation is finished, run TFix and you should be good to go. With regards to the Steam version, I believe it uses an old version of DDFix by default, but I think you can still install TFix on top of that if you want to go that route (though you shouldn't have to if you have legitimate original CDs).

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    Thanks, I got that working now and TFix installed.

    I notice I can only use one of either HDmod, EP2 or necroage. I installed HDmod but wondered if any one of the others is better to use? I've seen a couple of threads about each of them but not found a comparison.
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    Personally, I prefer the lightning quick load times of the standard enhanced textures. I did play a bit with the HD mod and liked the overall look, but found the increased loading times to be a bit of an annoyance since I was used to instantaneous load screens (that was on a much slower PC than the one I have now, however, and you'll likely have a different experience). I've not tried either of the others, so I can't speak to their quality.

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    The EP2 is the only one which is faithful to the original textures, as that was its prime directive. The other two diverge from the originals to varying degrees. NecroAge stylistically has a dark and gritty look to it, so if that appeals to you you might give it a try.

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    pretty much all the info you need is directly in the first post of the TFix topic.

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