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Thread: The Departure of the Dead

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    The Departure of the Dead

    Zombies may be ubiquitous in pop culture nowadays, but without George A. Romero they might have remained obscured in Haitian folklore.

    Yesterday, George A Romero died at the age of 77.

    I think I've seen all movies in the 'Dead' series, but the fact that I can't really remember just goes to show - some of them aren't that good, really. Diary of the Dead, in particular, I remember being particularly obnoxious.

    Night of the Living Dead, though, now that's fucking immense and should be on everyone's watchlist. Without a doubt.


    P.S.: Martin Landau also died. Which is also shit.

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    Don't worry, he'll be back.

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    My favourite horror genre, though he never called his creations zombies, neither did they 'Eat Brainzz'.
    A life well lived.
    R.I.P George.
    R.I.P Martin. I grew up watching Space 1999, liked it better than Star Trek to be honest.

    Spot on, Chris.

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    I actually was in touch with Martin for a brief period of time after his daughter took a liking to me...This was a long time ago, though.

    He was a really nice guy.

    Rest in peace, Martin.

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    I'll never forget the first time I watched Dawn of the Dead. Easily one of my favourites. Rest in peace, George.

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    There were an amazing number of zombie movies in the forties and fifties but he certainly brought the genre back to life. Night of the Living Dead was the best zombie movie ever made. I will never forget seeing it the first time at around 10. I'm certain a lot of kids who caught it at the Saturday matinee on it's first round will never forget it either. It had to traumatize them. I know it did me. It was great.

    Bye George.

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    Romero, Spanish surname which means Rosemary.
    In fact his grandfather was born in Ferrol.
    R.I.P George A. "Rosemary".

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