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Thread: ... and I would walk/run/drive/fly/grapple/teleport 500 miles

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    If we're getting into that kind of stuff, the N64 snowboarding game 1080 would give me a high by its sense of speed.

    Another one that gave me that feeling was a 90s game called Slipsteam 5000, about little flying pod shuttles you raced in some narrow cyberpunk city or canyon, and you had weapons. A new game called SkyDrift tries to recreate it, but I had the better feeling of speed in Slipstream.

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    For me, the first Colin McRae DIRT was like that. I was never particularly good at it, but I liked trying to find the balance between speed and control, and the moments where I felt I'd found that point were glorious.

    Then I'd usually get too cocky and ended up sailing over the side of the track.

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    Quote Originally Posted by demagogue View Post
    If we're getting into that kind of stuff
    Who says we weren't? Henke was absolutely right to break the mould. That rebel.

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    Heh. I almost included Skate in my list as well.

    While we're on the topic I wanna go ahead and give praise to a little game I discovered on itch yesterday: The Little Bike That Could by Bram Stolk (who also made The Little Crane That Could, which I also enjoyed a lot). Wonderful bicycle physics in this. Give it a spin, it's free(or PWYW)!

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    I am all about super-mobility games. I even put up with most of the Spider-man games since Ultimate and 3 (I tried to get into 2 briefly after hearing how great its system was but couldn't get into it after 3 - specifically the seperate release button compared to the you-hold-the-line-while-you-hold-the-trigger thing 3 did). Not a fan of Beenox's enclosed level games (Shattered Dimensions/Edge of Time), but even Amazing Spider-man 1 and 2 were good fun (2 less so due to the notoriety system).

    The best Spider-man game though is Bionic Commando. It's got gorgeous destroyed cityscapes for levels, great swinging, and some okayish gunplay (really though, just use the arm/kick whenever you can). The only downside is that you want to explore the levels, and rather than put some visible limits there, they made invisible radiation zones the boundaries. This means you can swing with great speed into an area that will kill you before you can make it back to the safe area.

    Only game of this type I really didn't get on with was Jet Set Radio, though I wanted to love it. It felt surprisingly restrictive in its movement. Speaking of which, has anyone tried Hover : Revolt of Gamers? Hate the name, but it looks interesting enough.

    I want to try Windlands too, preferably before buying it. It's a shame there's no demo for it. Anyone else try it in VR?

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    I tried a bit of Windlands years ago with the DK2. The sensation of swinging and leaping great distances was certainly awesome, though it was also quite nausea-inducing. Back then it was just a gamepad game of course. I image playing it now with touch controllers and manual turning instead of gamepad-turning might make it more bearable to play.

    And yeah, the 3D Bionic Commando game was great.

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