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Thread: Why System Shock Matters

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    Why System Shock Matters

    Spotted this article, back from May, thought it was a good read:

    Maybe I haven't been following development closely enough, but wasn't this supposed to be more of a visual remake, as opposed to a reboot?

    Don’t call it a “remaster," though – Avellone says that it’s more a reboot than anything else. "We’re taking the original storyline and expanding it to reflect the new ways you can play – the combat path, the hacking path, the stealth path. Part of the thrill of the first System Shock is that SHODAN doesn’t know you’re there at first. We’re aiming to surprise the player by taking that a little further."

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    It's more than a visual remake, but it's not a reboot either. They are adding new stuff and changing some things.

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    Aslong as they don't make it to be more in tune with SS2. Don't get wrong, I love SS2, but the first game shines bright just fine in it's own more cyberpunk style.

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