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Thread: XCOM 2 Announced!!!!

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    Didn't RPS essentially say it includes so many things, it should have just been called XCOM 3?

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    Yeah, I'm thinking that I'll wait at least until Christmas, when I expect it'll be a bit cheaper. I've got more than enough games to play in the meantime and I'm trying to get better at not buying things when I've got a large backlog, unless they're on special offer.

    Edit: Yup, Sulphur, they did. I get the impression it's worth the cost, but I know it's unlikely I'd play it immediately anyway.

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    Same here. Despite its generosity of content, I'll likely only get it when it's on a sale at some later date after I've finished the first XCOM.

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    Here's something else to consider:

    The XCom expansions don't work like traditional game DLC/expansions where you get a bigger story, with more content, etc. They work much more like "expansions" to tabletop war games like WarHammer/WarMachine where the "expansions" give players a bunch of new toys to play the game with.

    Which means if you know it's coming down the pipe it's probably best to just wait so you can play a more enhaned, robust campaign when you do

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    Just killed my third alien commander.

    My advice: don't leave killing them off to the last minute. The toys they give the player after their murder are fucking awesome. Like, intentionally tactically game breaking kinda awesome.

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    I've had some crashes myself over the weekend, but repairing the installation seemed to get rid of most of them. Some others were caused by badly updated mods, but they seem to have been fixed now. Mind you, it helped that I had diagnostic switches applied to the launch parameters, so I could guess at what was causing the crashes.

    Damn good stuff though. I left it last night having just taken out the last of the Chosen. The last one I fought (the arrogant psychic one) didn't even get a shot off, thanks to me having defeated the Viper King earlier in the game and having his frost bombs. That and 2 magi helped, along with copious blaster launcher spam. I've been taught a new appreciation for Psi Ops this time round, although I still feel the training could be tarted up to be more active. Just letting them stew in the Psi Lab until they're done doesn't really allow you to build them up as a character, and because they can learn all abilities without having to choose one over the other, there's less opportunity for build flare. Yes, I know you can take them on missions while they're training, but often it's best just to leave them until they're done.

    While I like the Reaper and Templar classes, I'm completely unconvinced by the Skirmisher. The Ranger just does everything a Skirmisher does, but better. I like the idea, but in practice, they're just a bit limp, with the bullpup in particular being completely underwhelming as a weapon.
    Saying that, I had a great mission last night where I was limited to three operatives and took a Reaper, Skirmisher and Templar, and it was one of the most challenging and fun missions I've played. I had to play it a few times before getting a grasp on how best to play it. But even there, the Skirmisher didn't stand out, being over-shadowed by the interesting gameplay of the Templar. Maybe I should melee more with my Skirmishers. But why the hell would I when I have Rangers with Blademaster, Shadowstep, Bladestorm and Reaper?

    I do worry if the Alien Rulers are broken though in my current game though, as I fought the Viper King relatively early on, but have seen neither hide nor hair of the others. Then again, I'm purposefully holding back on doing key story missions.

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