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Thread: What have you watched lately?

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    'It' was awesome. The actors and the atmosphere were at their best. I didn't see the original, so can't compare the two. The relationships with parents were none the less creepy really, which is really cool. Look forward to the second part, hope it will be as good as this one. Has anyone read the novel? Is the movie made well in accordance with the book?

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    Last night felt like watching a movie, so watched "The Edge of Seventeen".

    Overall this movie was excellent. If you've watched movies like "Easy A" or "The Duff" and liked either of those, then this one would be right up your alley. Somewhat predictable on the overall main plot (as in, where things would end up), but the in between was great. Woody Harrelson in particular was great.


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    Finished Twin Peaks Season 3.

    It was... Twin Peaks.

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    Finally fulfilled the promise I made at the top of this page and saw It.

    I liked It. I won't call It the greatest movie ever made, but It's solid, and does the source material plenty of justice, even if It does fall just short of capturing the atmosphere of the book.

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    Thirith, how did your time with The Leftovers go? I just wrapped up season 1, and it's a pretty dour, unremittingly bleak thing with the usual Lindelof strain of very strained plot credibility*, but some wonderful character work. The relentless down-in-the-mouthness makes it terminally unsuited to binge viewing. Season 2 seems immediately better from the out, but man, from the lighting to the camerawork to the dialogue to the expressions on people's faces, it's still a show made by downers, for downers.


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    I liked season 2 a lot; I think it maintains the strengths of the first season while leavening the bleakness in some ways (especially through some surreal humour) and making it more potent in others. There are some individual things that I think are problematic (yes, I use that word and I will keep using it), and one episode felt almost sadistic in its insistence to do horrible things to a certain character (and his dodgy American accent doesn't quite warrant that sort of treatment). I think my wife downright hated some of it, though.

    It's still very much a series that either you're receptive for or you're not. But I think that for all its bleakness it's not nihilistic. It does find some kind of grace for its characters and it's unique in what it does. Also, Carrie Coon is so very good in it.

    Haven't seen S3 yet, but I definitely will.

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    Part of the reason I started on it was because I heard that S3 was excellent. I can't say I'm enthused about the plot and the subsequent spinning of wheels that turning a book into a 3-season show entails, but it has so many individual moments that stand out, and does them so well that the bottle episodes which centre on a single individual are unforgettable, I can forgive its lack of drive. I agree that Nora Coon is absolutely something in this show, and Matt Eccleston who plays her brother, Rev. Jamison, is also amazing for bringing wounded vulnerability and stoic determination to life. Ann Dowd rounds out the fantastic performances even though her plot arc sort of tipped into ludicrousness; I think I should queue up The Handmaid's Tale after this is done.

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    The Handmaid's Tale is also on my list. My wife's currently reading it; she likes to read novels before watching adaptations.

    I have to say, I don't mind the ludicrousness (though it depends on what you mean by that). Emotionally, pretty much all of it rings true, and if that's the case I'll accept pretty much anything on a plot level. I think I underestimated Justin Theroux in that respect for a long time, because his character is so reactive, but in S2 I came to really appreciate him.

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    Just saw the 2017 version of “IT”. Good flick. Loved the book, liked the TV version, and think this new version was pretty decent. Glad it was made. Now waiting for the second part...

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    Halt and Catch Fire is still going strong for its (sadly) last season. This episode is the first to slip a little after 4 solid hits this season, and even a slip is still a really good episode. Not that it was bad, but it was more of an expositional set-up episode. There was some fallout that's going to pay off in the next few episodes though.

    What makes the show work at this point is that the characters have had so much history, each one with each one, you could pick any two and just get them in the same room together and sparks will start flying ... especially when you add the projects they're working on -- they're replaying proto-Yahoo vs. proto-Google, and gradually realizing who's going to win that war. The tech advances are interesting to watch; the business part is interesting; the interpersonal chemistries are interesting to watch...

    What was really great about this episode was the climax was figuring out a puzzle in Cam's game, basically a 1994 version of an immersive walking sim, which metaphorically fit very well into the story as well. Just the fact one of the characters is a game dev who makes immersive sims in 1994 already makes this show special for me.

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