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Thread: Wooting One analog keyboard

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    Wooting One analog keyboard

    I wonder if any taffers have experience with the Wooting One analog keyboard?
    You could for instance map the WASD keys as joystick axes in Thief to get a more fine-grained control over your move speed, crucial for the more tricky sneak missions.

    It should be possible to use the WASD keys for typing as well in/outside the game, though it seems to require you press a special Wooting toggle key similar to caps-lock.
    I also bet mechanical/linear keys take some time getting used to compared to old-school membrane keys, and the typing noise might be annoying for sneakers like Thief.

    It's a shame we can't use the mouse wheel to increase/decrease movement speed in Thief like you can in the first Splinter Cell games (the ones before Conviction ruined it).
    Maybe if you could create alias commands in user.bnd for five or so stages of move speed, then bind mousewheel up/down to go up/down one stage. That would be sweet.
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    Might I suggest AutoHotkey to allow for mousewheel based speed adjusting? It'll take a little scripting, but it would be worth the effort. I would think all you would have to do is script your movement keys to joystick axes and then let the mousewheel swap out the distance an axis is applied when the movement keys are pressed.

    I'd try this out myself, but I can't cause REASONS *cough*linux*cough*

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    death of the speed potion

    i personally feel garrett movement is fine

    also true analog is not real its just digital with more range,true analog is not known to exist in this universe=deep science and maths

    also i think thief 1 proved having an advantage while jump running was over kill for the game,hence why t2 it was fixed

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