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Thread: T2X mod help?

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    T2X mod help?

    Attempting two (hopefully) simple T2X-related mods but could do with a pointer from those that know about these things. Am using the FM ver of T2X for the NecroAge pack.

    1) I wish to replace the T2X compass with the regular one from T2. I am hoping that this is a simple matter of removing a particular file from T2X Necro and so the regular T2 Necro ver of the pointer will be used instead? But which files are relevant here?

    2) Wish to replace the blackjack in T1 with the hammer from T2X. Since I am using TFix I am hoping that it is a simple matter of copying certain files from T2XNecro into the USERMODS folder in T1, maybe renaming them, and T1 will now give me the hammer in-game?

    Any hints or pointers? Thanks.

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    2) yes, but you will have to find the correct model, its textures, and motions.

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    And sounds.

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