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Thread: T2 Multiplayer Beta Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by sNeaksieGarrett View Post
    yes, the fan mission needs to be installed already. T2MP cannot detect FMs itself. If you have a thief 2 1.18 install with t2mp and darkloader set up to that directory, then just install an FM through darkloader and when you next launch t2mp, you can alt tab out and should be able to host with the FM.
    ok so heres my findings after trying few more things.

    -if i install the fm with darkloader, run thief via darkloader, it goes to the blackscreen issue.
    -if i install the fm with darkloader, run thief via darkloader, then go to multiplayer window and start mission 1, samething blackscreen issue but with additional error window poped up lol.

    both methods will not show FM or option "none" in the drop down menu for starting mission. i have heard people saying .fam is not loaded or incorrect, or to use the new darkloader so i'll be trying that.

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    Mission 1? By that do you mean thief 2 mission, Running Interference? I think when you install an FM, it breaks thief's ability to play from mission 1 but I could be wrong about this.

    Does sound like either something is not set up properly or you are having a compatibility issue. Are you able to load thief 2 and go to a mission when you use darkloader to return thief to its original state?

    And crazy thought, have you tried loading thief after installing an FM through the exe or a shortcut, instead of hitting "play thief" within darkloader?


    I just tried loading a thief install with an FM installed and when I go to the host screen, I see the mission selected. (See screenshot for reference below) In fact, it's the only item within the list. What do you see when you go to the host screen?

    Click image for larger version. 

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