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Thread: The Philosophy of System Shock

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    The Philosophy of System Shock

    Ran across an interesting video with an amazing intro featuring an orchestral remix of the Engineering A song from SS2 that I can't stop listening to. The first minute and thirteen seconds of the video show what I consider the best example of a trailer for the game. From then on is a rather long and broad ranging comparison of elements in the game series.

    The actual music was done by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra. This combines with the sound effects and visuals of SS2 in this video so well that I watch it repeatedly.

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    That was awesome, looks like he did MedSci as well. So many good tracks here.

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    Good find!

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    Those SS2 tracks are pretty lovely reinterpretations. He's done a great (if over-faithful) symphonic reworking of the Chrono Trigger OST, as well.

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    Excellent video. Quite interesting.

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    TBH, i think i prefer the original synthesizer soundtrack. Pure awesomeness.

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    Man, that's a pretty awesome interpretation, there.

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    There are other videos from the same Youtuber that are more entrenched in politics than I usually feel comfortable with. This guy has many ideas about the world and games that leave me a little conflicted. Game journalism has always been quite easy to digest. This isn't so easy.
    It's hard to tell if his presentations are well thought out or just interesting enough for me to overlook mere opinion dressed up nice.

    What's the deal with this guy? He seems to fit the mold of some of the people in Comm Chat of late. That drama isn't my thing. So, is this stuff reasonable to anyone here?

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