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Thread: T2 FM: Behind Closed Doors (6th Feb 2017)

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    Ugh. Guess I'll delete the extracted folder and try downloading again. Too bad after all that gameplay.

    By the way, it's really good though. I guess it won't kill me to replay....

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    Deleted folder, also deleted zip, downloaded another one.

    Although I was almost completely finished the mission, I started again from scratch. The textures appear fine this time.

    Like I said nicked, a replay of the whole thing is absolutely no problem.....

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    I'm glad that solved the problem! And glad you're enjoying it enough for a replay.

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    I'm finished. I am going to try to find the one or two remaining necklace baubles before going back.

    I'm glad I saved that invisibility potion to get the urn next to rat boy. I also saved using Miranda's necklace to get the heck out of there in a hurry. Nasty killer rats.

    Some parts of the mission made me feel a bit nostalgic, as they reminded me of parts from TG and T2. The mission as a whole was reminiscent of Life Of The Party. I read some mild criticism of some narrow ledges, but I thought it was good enough to make you very careful. It made the dizzying heights all the more relevant.

    I thought the side quests involving the masks reminded me of finding the four talismans that opened the cathedral doors in Return To The Cathedral.

    The electric fence around the bank was an awesome new twist to getting into the vault in First City Bank And Trust

    The warning plaques in the crypt reminded me of Garrett saying in TG: "That's Keeper talk for 'We've rigged the place'" (or something like that).

    Getting rid of Faramund reminded me of Gervasius' library/nobody reads books anymore.

    I've mentioned before that I had no Thief2 for about seven years, plus always Dromeding instead of playing FM's, so I haven't kept up on FM's as much as probably most people here, but

    I think this is probably one of the best missions I've ever played.

    Great work, nicked!

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    Just checking. I got 7158 out of 7882, and completed 15 objectives. Is that all of them, including any hidden bonus objectives?

    Also, I'd like to try another nicked fan mission. There are ten. Any suggestions for a goodie?

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    Honestly, they are all good! Sturmdrang Peak might interest you but you can't go wrong with any of them.

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    I just played Death's Turbid Veil the other day. It's a lot of fun! Gets a little 'fetch-questy' from time to time, but it's beautifully constructed, and has some nice (but not too difficult) puzzles.

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    Wow! What a mission!
    Results: 5 hours 33 minutes
    Loot 7782 of 7882. I have a feeling I missed one of the bird nest jewels somewhere? I didn't keep count of how many I found.

    The only thing that had me really running around for a while was trying to remember where I found the forging machine to make the key.

    Excellent mission!

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    A smashing mission, 7 hours of enjoyment. Thanks nicked

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    Thank you nicked!! Such a grand, detailed mission with so much to explore.
    Almost 20 years after Thief is released, and I am astounded when seeing how much work and detail is put into some missions.
    6 hour playtime and enjoyed every second. Outstanding Mission!



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    I'm stuck. Where is the copper mask? Beautiful mission but quite frustrating because is not intuitive and solid hints are missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda View Post
    I'm stuck. Where is the copper mask? Beautiful mission but quite frustrating because is not intuitive and solid hints are missing.
    To get the copper mask, you have to do some errand for a citizen. Specifically, you should talk to the host or barkeep in the "Stag" (a tavern or bar), get a list of beverages he wants to have, and return with these to the man. He should then tell you to put the bottles on the counter or bar, and once you have done that, he should give you the mask.

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