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Thread: "Tethering" objects such that if you pick up one, you pick up both?

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    "Tethering" objects such that if you pick up one, you pick up both?

    Hi all. I'm trying to 'tether' (for lack of a better word) a couple objects together so that picking up one of them removes the other from the gameworld (or adds it to your inventory). For example, suppose there's a room with a golden vase in the middle. Suppose you want to make it possible to "magically" toggle the wallpaper by frobbing a button, and you operationalize this by making the button teleport you back and forth between two identical rooms (but for the texture on the walls). If the player picks up the vase in one room, you want the vase to disappear from the other room as well. (From the player's viewpoint, these are the same vase, and there is only one of it). You also don't want to 'double count' the vase in the mission's loot total. Is there any simple way to achieve this result while making the loot obtainable from either room?

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    If you're only changing the wallpaper, why not use a texture change trap instead of a complex seamless teleportation setup?

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    That's probably the best solution, but if that solution didn't exist, I'd just set up some bounds triggers to teleport the same vase to whichever room you're in (assuming you get there by walking to it).

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    Texture changing was just an example of a situation in which one might like to accomplish such 'tethering.' It isn't actually what I'm hoping to implement in my mission---I didn't want to give away what I actually intend to do in case the FM ever gets released. Sorry for not being clear!

    ZB, that sounds very sensible. I'll see if I can implement that---thanks!

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    If you absolutely have to use two rooms I would set it up so that frobbing either one adds a piece of loot in a blue room to your inventory as a loot item and then destroys both objects in each room. Maybe you could set up a conversation that handles the adding of the loot to the player. I'm not at home so I can't test any configurations.

    Btw what are you doing?

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