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Thread: How do I change heading of an ElevPlatform?

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    How do I change heading of an ElevPlatform?

    I have a working elevator in my mission but I have the most ridiculous problem with it. I cannot change the heading of the platofrm. When I change it in DromEd, it seemeingly rotates, but in game mode, it always faces the same way. I tried to cheat and create another object and replace its model with that of an ElevPlatform. It worked at first, but after I built pathfinding, it rotated to its initial position and refused to be rotated again. I checked Shipping and Receiving in Dromed, but haven't found anything different in ElevPlatform properties there even though the are heading different ways in that mission.
    So I am at a loss. I searched the forum for this but haven't found a single thread.
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    Rotate your TerrPts the way you want the lift to be rotated, I think that does it. TeleportTraps work the same way, btw.

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    Yep, that did it. Thanks a bunch!

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