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Thread: Adding sound to a frobbable light

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    Adding sound to a frobbable light

    I created a VicLamp and used HitDeity's method of making it frobbable using a FrobProxy link (
    However, I also want to add sound of a VicLightSwitch to turning the lamp on and off.
    I tried a few variants, none of which work properly:
    1) Adding schema tags to the lamp or using an actual VicLightSwitch with its model changed to that of a lamp have the same result: when the lamp is being turned on, the sound plays twice; when it is being turned off, there is no sound at all.
    2) Placing a VicLightSwitch inside the lamp and rendering it invisible looks strange because the game stops highlighting the lamp and highlights the switch. So you can see that there is something inside it, which I don't like. Making the light non-frobbable removes this problem, but the setup stops working completely. As far as I understand, the switch has to be frobbable for FrobProxy to work. Moving the switch away from the lamp also isn't very good as I can hear the sound coming from somewhere else, not from the lamp.
    I can't think of any other variants with my limited Dromed knowledge

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    Just make the lever that you're using with the FrobProxy link the double light switch, then place it inside a wall nearby so it's not visible or frobbable directly by the player, but still inside the roombrush so you hear it. If the VicLamp isn't near a wall, you can bury the switch in the floor under the lamp instead, as long as the roombrush goes slightly below the floor.

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    Heh, I was overthinking too much Thanks
    I'll just add that in my experience, placing the switch under the floor seems to have the best results. Placing it in a wall still created a feeling that the sound doesn't come from the object itself.
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