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Thread: Is there a reference list to find simple things?

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    Is there a reference list to find simple things?

    When trying to set up ambient sound or trying to find a certain texture for objects?
    Like a list of names and a small description of what links to which schema?
    And no, the Object Hierarchy may have the text, but I'm more visual.
    If that makes any sense.

    Just need something more functional.


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    I don't know about those examples, but this site has a lot of info:

    There's a guide for fining an object's textures:

    A while ago Fidcal wrote a program called BinSkins which lists each texture associated with each bin file, but I don't know if any download links exist, or whether it scans obj.crf or just the custom objects in the obj folder.

    I'm not aware of any schemas description. What I tend to do is scroll through the sounds in Thief Media Edit (included in the Dromed Toolkit) till I hear something I like, then search for the filename in the schema files.

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    There's some basic Dromed info here too:

    That's the old Dromed Central from back in the early days of Dromeding (early 2000s), so some of the methods there may be out of date. There are some entries for ambient sound though.

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    Thanks, I'll still hunt to see what I can use.
    I just know some schema are sometimes hard to locate.


    I'm just having difficulty. Having to use Official Missions as reference how to locate certain sounds ambient sound in general can be hard to find, because sometimes they can be located under more of the music dynamic. Maybe I'm making it too complicated?


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    Check the Tools folder in the DromEd Toolkit: T2 Objects List with pictures.

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    I have a few text files I've made over the years which I can share. The most useful contains a description of all of the motions (including the GMDB) which I refer to constantly when scripting things like conversations which use motions. I'll share them later tonight.

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    Thank you so much. It would make a much better reference!


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