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Thread: Texture Mapping In Blender

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    Texture Mapping In Blender

    I've read some old threads on using Blender, and I've gone through a host of video tutorials. Alas, I cannot find an answer.

    I have a directory full of .PSK files (Unreal). I also have the textures that go with the objects. Using Blender's PSK import plugin, I can bring in the object but not the texture. There seems to be no texture info embedded in the .psk file (looked at via HexEdit), only a couple of vague generic references. When I access the texture paint function, an error message tells me, "No texture info available!"

    How do I marry the right textures to the objects?

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    Texture painting is something different. It's for drawing directly on to the object's faces and generating a texture and UV coordinates to match.

    You should try something with materials, but I can't be more specific because I don't know anything about these .psk files. I'd be willing to have a look if you upload one, and if you can cofirm that this is the import addon.

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    That is the correct plugin. Here is a sample file with 2 objects. I know that one of the textures belongs to one object and the other one is a generic stone block being applied to a column/pillar. You'll understand once you open the file.


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    Both object have materials, but those materials have no textures assigned. The author of the addon says the importer is a work in progress, but it looks like progress has halted.

    Here is the materials tab:

    Select a material, then go to the textures tab:
    Don't bother with the third image here, where the shading is set to Rendered. The default of Solid is fine for simple objects.

    There's an addon I like very much called Material Utils, which makes it easy to set up materials and textures in such a way that they can be exported properly.

    Install that addon, then use Shift Q, go to Specials and select Materials to texface, and you'll see what you have.

    The pillar has two materials, but they probably require the same texture. If a texture has already been assigned to another material, don't load it again, choose it from a list of existing textures:

    The pillar is missing a lot of texture mapping info, and it has nearly 3000 triangles, so I don't think you could make an object from it. But since it comes from another game it could only be used as a reference, so that's not a big loss.

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