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Thread: Is there an opposite of "area" ?

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    Is there an opposite of "area" ?


    is there a way, to exclude parts of a mission?

    I mean, during the creation of it. There are the "areas".
    But this is the contrary principle of what I am searching.
    There you can exclude all things, except the things within that area.

    I have here an almost finished part of the mission. And since it is not possible,
    to reduce the "draw-distance" it confuses me extremely (Many brushes, tree-Objects
    etc.). So I want to make that whole region invisible for the editor.

    And I want to be able, to switch it on/off easily, when needed.

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    Not that I know of. If you want to work in an area and not have brushes outside of that area show up, you use an area brush and Me Only. There is no "Not Me" feature.

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    You can combine multiple area brushes to make a custom MeOnly'd area that is more than a single Area brush and not the whole mission, by activating multiple area brushes and using the Show Hot feature instead of Show All or Me Only. But as Larry said, you can't highlight the opposite of a single area brush.

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    Thanks for the answers. I was in doubt, whether it is possible. But
    there are really big missions out there. And since the authors
    were able to create it, without going insane, I will do it was well.
    Only thing I need is a lot of coffee ;-)

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    Some day I will figure out why you manually word-wrap all your posts.

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    Good luck by trying that. And if you need too much time and it causes you sleepless nights, I will tell you.
    Simply ask.

    It seems, you have too less to do ;-)

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    Too add a question to this, using NewDark 1.24, is the limit of hot area brushes still 32, or has it gone up? Gonna have to pathfind after just optimizing the places where AI can go again......

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