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Thread: Looking for a voice actor...

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    Looking for a voice actor...


    Currently looking for a voice actor who's able to perform Garrett-like speech for FM's briefing movie. I could've ask Slyfoxx, but I don't think It's like the old days anybody can receive a voice of the master-thief for FMs, we all get busy with the irl stuff eventually.
    I also will need another actor for some mysterious stranger, but I already know whom I'll contact (or atleast give a try).

    Thank you!
    ~P.S. And yes, I know about the "Available voice actors" thread. It's just I'm unsure who to ask to voice Garrett right now, It's been few years.

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    I recommend you give saxmeister a try; he did a good job for me. He might be pretty busy with other things, though.

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    I just saw this message. It's been some time now, but did you get your FMs completed, Zoro?

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    I've done only one out of the planned FM campaign so far, It was called "Dreamlord: Time is Gold". I barely can DromEd now to get the campaign finished, ironically, the time really became "gold" to me due to recent events. :/

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