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Thread: Thief2: I want to make an NPC following me

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    Thief2: I want to make an NPC following me


    1. I want to place an NPC at a certain position, and he shoud stand there as soon I walk near to him. And then he
    should follow me.

    2. Is it possible, to "say" him, to wait again, till I came back ?

    I tried AIWatchObj and AIFollowObj. But there is no reaction.

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    I implemented a system where you frob the AI to begin following you, and frob again to stop, in Caradavin's FM "Saving Caroline". Check how it was done there. It was based on a suggestion by Firemage if I recall correctly.

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    I downloaded it. It seems, there is a script involved. So it seems, there is no built-in-function in Dromed for such things.

    Nevertheless, I will examine this method. Thank you for the tip.

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    NVConvEnhancer can be used to tell an AI to follow you.

    If you really want to do it without scripts, there's an old tutorial... here. AIFollowObj is a rather poor way of making an AI follow you, however, since it doesn't use the pathfinding database.
    You'd be better off adding an AIWatchObj link to the AI to him- or herself telling them to repeatedly "Goto Object: player".

    IIRC the ConvEnhancer action just automatically sets up a system using AIWatchObj links and other properties, the script doesn't do anything "magical" - it's just an easy way to create the full setup. You could use set game_mode_backup 0 (never save afterwards) to check exactly what it does, and copy the settings manually.

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    I was going to suggest the AIWatchObj idea as well. This kind of reminded me of the setup they used in Oblivion where the yellow haired dude follows you around until you tell him to stay. Honestly I never like AI following me around in any game, but in a single mission I don't think it would be too bad.

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    My idea is: I have at least one fellow in the mission from whom I can get help to fight against enemies. And if he is no longer needed,
    I can send him back to his place.

    My solution at the moment is: I place some fellows near to a "problematic area" and switch them to "good". If I got attention of enemies
    and they are following me, I run to the fellow-group and enjoy what happens next ;-)

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    Thank you for the hint, nameless voice. I will try that.

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    Frobbable AIs were also used in Spitter's Saints and Thieves. I can't remember exactly, but I believe he also used a custom script.

    They behave exactly like you want. Frob them to start following you, frob them again to stop and wait.

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