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Thread: Rope texture scale

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    Rope texture scale

    I have in /mesh (I have no idea where rope.gif is applied but modding rope2.gif seem to finally affect the rope arrow in mission). I have done both terrain_scale and tile_factor at different times, in rope2.mtl, neither seems to affect the rope look when it unfurls. What am I missing? Just looks stretched to hell. Now I will accept this might be the engine stretching it but at least I can help it a little with scale but it's not working.

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    I could be wrong, but since the rope has a variable kegth that is determined by the engine and arrow to floor distance, the engine would handle the scaling of the texture as the rope deploys.

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    Thank you John. I just made it super squished texture but long enough of a image work space to include the detail needed. So now it comes out looking good.

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