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Thread: Joint positions at reload

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    Joint positions at reload

    Is it possible to have an object's joints start off at their default values every time a game save is loaded?

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    Just off the top,


    A script for controlling joints.
    This script can have up to 99 joint configuration sets, each of which is activated by a message specified by NVJointControlOn# (where the # is the configuration set number, from 1-99; numbers must be sequential.)
    Each configuration set can specify the desired position and speed of any of the 6 joints, using the NVJointControlOn#Joint# and NVJointControlOn#Joint#Speed params, where the first # is the number of the configuration set, and the second # is the joint to control. If no speed is specified, the curent value from the property is used.
    The joint will always take the shortest route to its destination. You can specify extreme destination angles (such as -90 instead of 270) if you want to force it to take a different route.
    When a joint starts moving, a JointStarted# message will be sent to the object, and when a joint reaches its destination, a JointComplete# message is sent, where the # is the number of the joint whose movement has started or completed.

    Example design note params:

    NVJointControlOn1="TurnOn"; NVJointControlOn1Joint1=180; NVJointControlOn1Joint1Speed=30; NVJointControlOn1Joint2=90; NVJointControlOn1Joint2Speed=3; NVJointControlOn2="JointComplete2"; NVJointControlOn2Joint3=-180; NVJointControlOn2Joint3Speed=30; NVJointControlOn2Joint4=270; NVJointControlOn2Joint4Speed=3
    This example will activate joints 1 and 2 on TurnOn, moving joint 1 to 180 degrees at a speed of 30, and joint 2 to 90 degrees at a speed of 3. Once joint 2 reaches its destination, the second set of joints will activate, moving joint 3 to -180 degrees at a speed of 30, and joint 4 to 270 degrees at a speed of 3.

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    And the necessary triggering message is BeginScript, not Sim.

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    That's a pretty powerful script. Thanks Larry & Robin. I'll see if I can incorporate that script into my setup.

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    I figured out a more simple idea. I had the joints turned off as soon as the player leaves the room. When the player returns the joints simply resume where they left off.

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