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Thread: Missions with secret/hidden objectives

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    Missions with secret/hidden objectives

    Hello, I am trying to create a complete list of secret or hidden objectives for T1/T2. The ones I am aware of are below. Can you think of any others?

    For clarification I mean any objective for which it is possible to complete the mission without ever being given it or knowing it existed.

    Assassins: 'Get back to home turf' is triggered if the alarm is sounded.
    Cathedral: I suppose technically 'Follow the Eye's instructions' fits the requirement above.
    Bedfellows: 'Destroy all Insect-beasts' is triggered if you attach or are damaged by a beast or flies.

    Interference: The 'Get two wedding rings for Basso and Jenivere' objective.
    Blackmail: The 'Bury Truart in the family plot' objective.
    Blood: The 'You have found X amount of loot in hostile territory' objective.
    Kidnap: This mission has two. 'Find Cavador's diary' and 'Take the Mechanists' drill'.
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    I don't remember whether there are actual objectives for this or not, but there's the haunted library subplot in Casing the Joint and Masks in T2.

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    No there is no actual objective for that bit.

    i'm surprised if T1 only has the two hidden objectives. T2 has several.

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    forgot mission name but in thief 2 where truart is found killed if you take him back to a secret grave yard and drop him in ,i am pretty sure an objective ticks off

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    You mean this?
    Quote Originally Posted by Cigam View Post
    Blackmail: The 'Bury Truart in the family plot' objective.

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    Speaking of Truart, I am sure I remember reading somewhere that a ghost is meant to appear and thank you once you bury him, but I've never seen it.

    I suppose you could count the 'Aid Brother Murus' quest as an objective which it is possible to complete the mission without triggering.

    But are there really only the two genuine hidden objectives in Thief Gold, the ones in Assassins and Bedfellows?

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