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Thread: Vanquish is coming to PC

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    Vanquish is coming to PC

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    Chakat sex pillow
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    Well that's another insta-buy, then. I finished it on the PS3 back in the day, and while it was very short (4.5 hours), it was very sweet. It's essentially Gears of War if it was fused to a set of jet-pack powered roller blades and a flippant personality: in short, Bulletstorm's long-lost, slightly (only very slightly) more sobre Japanese brother. The frame rate let it down a bit back then, so it's going to be a treat having those missile barrages fan out across the screen at 60 FPS. Bring it on, I say.

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    Platinum was one of few companies that made me regret not being a console gamer anymore.

    Such a shame that all these great games are coming out just when I'm busy with my thesis.

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    Thing What Kicks
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    I saw a teaser image earlier today, but this must have been announced since.
    Fantastic game. It was absolutely gorgeous on the consoles back then thanks to a great engine and economy of design; can't wait to see it looking even better on PC.
    I'm also very keen to see how it plays on keyboard and mouse.

    Edit: Holy crap, dirt cheap pre-order too! 11.24 on Steam!
    I don't pre-order games any more. But this? Yeah, this is MINE.
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    Awesome, first Bayonetta, now Vanquish. More Platinum games on PC is always a good thing.

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    PC Gamering Smartey Man
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    PC port is out and it's reportedly excellent. Praise be.

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    It runs quite smoothly on my PC. Also, mouse control in the menus for a console port from a Japanese developer is always welcome. But then again, Platinum have made some excellent PC ports of their games.

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    Thing What Kicks
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    Yeah, this is silky smooth, and just as enjoyable as I remember it being. The weapon upgrade system's still weird as fuck mind you.

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    Looks like I started getting into Shinki Mikami's games just in time!

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    El Shagmeister
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    I loved Vanquish when I had it on my Xbox 360! Whelp, here's a good chance to reignite the love. Maybe this can give some (very slim) hope for a sequel?

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    When this first came out I remember thinking the ass-sliding looked ridiculous and never gave the game a second thought. I had no idea it was some sort of a cult classic. Looks kinda fun; I guess I'll put it on my wishlist and pick it up in a sale.

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    Chakat sex pillow
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    That explains why it feels a bit more insta-deathy than on the PS3. Still playable, but yeah, you gotta be uber careful where you flip around on the battlefield until this is fixed.

    However, Platinum's track record on PC patches has been... well, never, from what I can tell. Someone needs to get on their case about that soon.

    Edit: apparently the port's been handled by a different team. We may get a patch after all. Eventually.
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    We may get a patch after all. Eventually.

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    Chakat sex pillow
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    That's a pretty damn quick turn around time. I'm looking forward to not being one-shotted by missiles whilst sliding around like a lunatic buzzsaw roomba, though I have to admit, the added difficulty was kind of fun for a while.

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