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Thread: Battle of the Terrible Treks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony_Tarantula View Post
    Since when has anything Seth McFarlane made been good for anything other than watching for easy laughs? ?
    Plenty of Family Guy is really funny.

    Maybe... you don't get it?

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    The first TED movie is excellent. The sequel not so much.

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    Everything I read about it said it was a sustained rehash of Family Guy jokes.

    I guess that would work for people who don't watch Family Guy.

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    Which would be me. I watched the spinoff a few times. That was hilarious.

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    There are bits of TED that are outright amazing.

    It's worth if just for those, and no, they aren't FG jokes.

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    I'll give Discovery a chance, but I'm still skeptical about it. I'm glad the cast is diverse, that was an important part of Star Trek, but my worry is that it will be all that Discovery has going for it.

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    Ok - I was avoiding The Orville based on the trailer but after a recommendation I gave it a shot. It's not perfect but it's far better than I expected. The humour is overdone at times and misses the mark more often than not but it doesn't take away from the serious moments. As such, the show isn't afraid to tackle some pretty contentious issues, particularly after the first couple of episodes.

    Discovery is good too but is currently suffering from what appears to be a Netflix need to tell superhero stories that only make sense over a complete series. By contrast it's refreshing to have a series that you can enjoy episode by episode and still look forward to what happens next.

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